Heartrending revelations emerge about the tragic passing of Robert De Niro’s grandson, confirming the circulating rumors.

Heartbreaking revelations have emerged surrounding the untimely death of Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, grandson of renowned actor Robert De Niro. Tragic details have recently come to light, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the devastating incident.

On Sunday, July 2, authorities responded to a distress call from a concerned friend, leading them to discover the lifeless body of the 19-year-old at a residence in Lower Manhattan, New York City. According to a law enforcement source cited by Radar Online, it appears that Leandro succumbed to a fatal overdose during a cocaine binge. At the scene, he was found seated next to a white powdery substance believed to be the illicit drug.

Law enforcement officials also seized unidentified pills and other drug paraphernalia, including the aforementioned powder. These pieces of evidence will undergo thorough testing, and the results are anticipated to be available within a few days.

Drena De Niro, Leandro’s mother and the adopted daughter of Hollywood icon Robert De Niro, expressed her profound grief in a poignant social media post days after her son’s passing. In her heartfelt message, she described Leandro as her cherished angel and emphasized the immense love she had felt for him since his presence was first felt in her womb. Overwhelmed by sorrow, she vowed to carry on and spread the love and light that her son had made her feel. She acknowledged the deep love and appreciation he had received and lamented that love alone could not save him. Drena ended her message with a tearful apology and bid farewell to her darling boy, wishing him eternal peace and paradise.

According to Radar Online’s source, it appears that Leandro had concealed a darker aspect of his life from his family. The source suggests that this hidden side ultimately proved fatal after a night of revelry and excess.

Robert De Niro, the grief-stricken grandfather, issued a statement through his representative to Page Six, expressing his profound distress over the loss of his beloved grandson Leo. He extended his gratitude for the outpouring of condolences from well-wishers and requested privacy for his family to mourn the loss of young Leo. Notably, Robert De Niro recently became a father for the seventh time, welcoming Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro, his daughter with partner Tiffany Chen, on April 3.

However, another source, reportedly close to the esteemed actor, shared concerns with The Sun about the toll that a series of life-altering events may be taking on the 79-year-old De Niro. This accumulated turbulence, experienced within a short span of time, could potentially impact his well-being. Despite the challenges, De Niro is slated to appear in the film Wise Guys, set for release in 2024.

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