High School Senior Stuns Crowd by Inviting His 92-Year-Old Great-Grandma, and Together They Steal the Show!

It’s a special night for young boys and girls, a chance to enjoy themselves with their dates and friends before their school years come to an end. They get to have fun, dance, and create lasting memories.

For Dakota Wollan, a high school senior from Watford City, N.D., prom night wasn’t something he was eagerly anticipating. He hadn’t found someone to ask as his date for this special event. However, his dad came up with a unique idea when he learned about Dakota’s dilemma.


Realizing that Dakota’s great-grandma had never experienced a prom, his dad suggested that he take her as his date. When Dakota heard this suggestion, he embraced it wholeheartedly. He saw it as a great honor and an opportunity for an unforgettable night, both for himself and his beloved great-grandma.


With his mind made up, Dakota decided to ask his grandma to prom with a proper promposal. He used an old truck she had given him, a 1985 Ford that he had managed to get running again. Dakota made a sign using the truck and presented it to his 92-year-old great-grandma. The surprise left her amazed and wondering why a young man would choose to spend such a special night with an elderly lady.


Despite her initial confusion, Madeline Miller, Wollan’s great-grandma, agreed to be his date. Dakota made it clear that he wouldn’t attend prom if she declined. Consequently, she didn’t really have a choice.

Miller mentioned to the news outlet that she had never been to a prom before and couldn’t recall if such an event existed during her time. She had only attended high school for a year and a half before having to assist her sick father on the farm. Thus, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her to experience what prom was all about.


Finally, the big day arrived, and the pair was prepared to have the time of their lives. As they entered the prom hall, they immediately captured everyone’s attention. The sight of Dakota and his great-grandma walking together drew cheers and admiration from both boys and girls.

Miller reminisced about the night, recalling the feeling of walking beside her great-grandson and listening to the music as they strolled, with people clapping and cheering for them. Dakota added that the other students were excited to see them, and when they stepped onto the dance floor, the whole room erupted in wild applause.


Their dance became the highlight of the evening, evoking tears of joy from many who witnessed this touching and inspiring moment.

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