Infertility Battle: Mother Shares Her Emotional Journey

Approximately one out of every five couples may encounter challenges when trying to conceive during their lifetime. This period can be immensely difficult and stressful, but as many have attested, patience and determination can yield positive results.

Desiree and Ryan Fortin exemplified unwavering patience over several years before eventually turning to in-vitro fertilization as a solution. They fervently prayed for divine intervention to assist them in achieving pregnancy.

Not long after undergoing the IVF treatment, their prayers were answered as Desiree received the joyous news of her pregnancy. However, what lay within her womb was beyond their wildest expectations. Desiree and Ryan Fortin, who had been college sweethearts, tied the knot in 2009, but struggled for an extended period to conceive.

Desiree was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, and low progesterone. Consequently, she and her husband endured three arduous years of trying before resorting to in-vitro fertilization.

Unfortunately, instead of positive pregnancy tests, Desiree experienced disappointment with each recurring menstrual cycle. The journey was mentally draining, as she expressed, “It wasn’t just that I couldn’t get pregnant.” The experience of infertility brought her to tears and despair, as she found herself repeatedly facing negative pregnancy test results. Enduring shots, bruises, and various medications became the norm for her, as fertility treatments are both physically and emotionally demanding for infertile individuals seeking assistance.

Therefore, it is understandable that Desiree and Ryan were overjoyed upon receiving the news that their first IVF treatment had succeeded. The astonishment only deepened when they saw the ultrasound revealing not one, but three growing babies. They were expecting triplets, an extraordinary outcome indeed.

However, the challenges were far from over for Desiree and her family. Although she had finally conceived, doctors cautioned her that she would face difficulties carrying all three triplets to term.

“I was too thin, too short, and it was my first pregnancy,” she recalled being informed. Nevertheless, her hope proved the doctors wrong. In the summer of 2015, the Fortin triplets were born via C-section, with Desiree delivering at 34 weeks and one day.

The arrival of babies Sawyer, Jack, and Charlize, each weighing over 5 pounds, brought immeasurable happiness to the couple. However, Desiree faced complications and bleeding after delivery, necessitating emergency surgery. Consequently, she was unable to see her precious children immediately. Nonetheless, Ryan facilitated a FaceTime connection so that the new mother could witness her little miracles. After spending two weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, all three babies were finally able to come home and embark on their new lives.

Settling into a home with three babies was an immense blessing for Ryan and Desiree. However, as Desiree shared, “We are blessed, but parenting is also a challenging role accompanied by significant responsibilities — caring for tiny humans. Our babies experienced severe reflux and colic, times three. Establishing a routine was difficult, just as maintaining our relationship amidst crying babies, sleepless nights, and a new routine posed its own set of challenges,” she confessed.

Today, the triplets have reached the age of 7, and the entire family appears to be thriving. Desiree documents their life and adventures on her Instagram page, where she boasts a following of 150K supporters.

“I never anticipated that our story would touch so many people. It has been an incredible experience,” Desiree expressed gratefully. Moreover, she revealed that she and Ryan are expecting once again, soon expanding their beautiful family to six members.

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