Initially Disgruntled Mom Encounters ‘Rude’ Daycare Note, but Epiphany Strikes as Truth Unfolds

Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz, a mother from Houston, Texas, was startled when she noticed the sign posted at her child’s day care center.

In bold letters it read,

Mazurkewicz was taken aback at first, feeling as though she had received a sudden slap in the face. It dawned on her that her phone had been in her hand the entire time, and she couldn’t argue with that realization. Reflecting on how many parents devote more attention to their phones than to their own children, she made a conscious decision to prioritize quality time with her kids instead.

To commemorate this newfound perspective, Mazurkewicz decided to capture the moment and shared a picture on Facebook after spending precious time with her children. Little did she know that her post would quickly become a viral sensation. Speaking with Fox News, she expressed her excitement and amusement, admitting that it genuinely made her ponder the impact of excessive phone use on family life.

What made her even happier was the noticeable shift in behavior among other parents. It seemed that her message had struck a chord, as no one else in the group daycare had their phones out anymore. She harbored the hope that this thought-provoking note would resonate not only within the daycare but anywhere parents found themselves engrossed in their phones instead of being present with their children.

If you agree that we’re spending too much time on our phones, feel free to like and share this story. Mazurkewicz encourages you to leave a comment on Facebook, sharing your thoughts about the daycare’s powerful message. Let’s all be more mindful of our phone usage and prioritize meaningful connections with our loved ones.

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