Man Constructs House Over a Pond, Featuring a Living Room with Direct Fishing Access

Have you ever wondered how far someone would go to integrate their hobby into every aspect of their life? Well, one man from Oklahoma took it to the next level by literally constructing his entire home around his passion. Meet Paul Phillips, a skilled contractor based in Skiatook, who has spent years building houses for others. However, he realized that he had the opportunity to create his dream home, a place where he could indulge in his hobby anytime he pleased.

What hobby could inspire such dedication, you might wonder? It’s fishing. Paul’s love for fishing knows no bounds, and he even has a favorite fishing spot—Lake Oologah. He would spend countless hours at his cherished location, doing what he loved most. Unfortunately, his fishing adventures at that spot recently came to an end when he was told he could no longer fish there.

Determined not to let this setback dampen his spirits, Paul made up his mind to act on his conviction. He purchased a piece of land, rented a backhoe, and set about excavating his very own personal pond. With his pond in place, he sought the assistance of a contractor to build his home. The house, spanning approximately 1,850 square feet, boasted three bedrooms, bathrooms, and a spacious living room with an intriguing twist.

In the living room, positioned right by the fireplace, there was a sizable hole in the floor that could be opened up. This unique feature allowed Paul to drop a fishing line directly into his pond from the comfort of his own home! His neighbors were amazed by his dedication to his passion, with one neighbor sharing her excitement for the arrival of spring so she could enjoy the sounds of frogs in Paul’s vicinity.

The carpenter who worked with Mr. Phillips confessed that he had never encountered a project quite like this, but he thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. Beyond the living room, the back of the house featured a deck where Paul could entertain friends and host fishing parties of his own.

Paul’s ambitions for his home extend beyond what he has already accomplished. This challenging project is only the first step for this determined man. His future plans involve selling his current home to upgrade to an even bigger house with a larger pond, and of course, bigger fish!

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned from Paul’s story. If you don’t see your dreams manifesting in life, why not build them yourself? Paul exemplifies this philosophy as he transformed his dreams into reality by constructing a home that he truly adores. As you read this, he’s probably sitting in his living room, casting his line into the water.

Considering how remarkable his current home is, one can only imagine the incredible nature of his future dwelling. Here’s to happy fishing, Paul!

To delve deeper into Paul’s inspiring story and catch a glimpse of his extraordinary house, click on the video below. And don’t forget to share this remarkable tale with your friends and family!

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