Introducing Jake Bongiovi: Jon Bon Jovi’s Son and Millie Bobby Brown’s Fiancé

This week, Stranger Things fans were treated to exciting news when Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role as Eleven in the popular Netflix series, hinted at her engagement to her boyfriend, Jake.

If you find Jake familiar, it’s because he bears a striking resemblance to his famous father, rock star Jon Bon Jovi. Jake happens to be Jon Bon Jovi’s third-oldest child.

Let’s delve deeper into the details about Jake Bongiovi!

Engagement to Millie Bobby Brown: At the ages of 20 and 19 respectively, Bongiovi and Brown are said to be engaged. They have been a couple since 2021.

The announcement received mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing concern about Millie Bobby Brown’s young age to be getting married. Many of us have watched her grow up on Stranger Things, after all.

Nevertheless, the couple seems absolutely smitten with each other. Bongiovi shared adorable photos of the two on Instagram, captioning the post with “Forever 🤍.” Brown also posted her own photo, using Taylor Swift lyrics as the caption: “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.” In November, Brown revealed that she first connected with her fiancé through social media, stating, “We met on Instagram, and we were friends for a bit, and then, what can I say?” during an interview with Wired.

Their first public appearance as a couple took place at the 2022 BAFTA Awards in March.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Son: While Millie Bobby Brown may have more widespread fame, Jake Bongiovi is no stranger to show business himself, being the son of iconic rock star Jon Bon Jovi. One can easily spot the resemblance between Jake and his father during the latter’s early days.

Jon Bon Jovi has four children with his wife Dorothea Hurley. Dorothea, his high school sweetheart, has been Jon’s partner since their marriage in 1989. Jake is the third-oldest among their four children, with siblings named Stephanie Rose (29), Jesse (28), and Romeo (19).

According to, Jake was an activist during his high school years, having organized a school walkout to demand action against school shootings. When he was 15, Jake expressed to the outlet, “It’s enough. It’s happened too many times that we watch it.”

As per Elle, Jake also played football at Poly Prep Country Day School before attending Syracuse University. An Instagram post depicted Jake sporting Syracuse gear alongside his proud parents, and reportedly, his father helped him move into the university. However, according to the university, Jake did not return for his sophomore year.

Actor: Despite bearing a strong resemblance to his famous father, Jake has chosen a different path for himself and aspires to become an actor.

Though he has yet to make his on-screen debut, he has two projects currently in production. He secured a role in the HBO Max feature Sweethearts, which finished filming in August 2022.

Additionally, Jake has been cast in the comedy Rockbottom, described as a film centered around a hair metal band. In the movie, he will portray the character Justin, the “potential new lead singer” who must overcome stage fright to guide the band back to glory, according to Variety.

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