Introducing the “Trueblue Twins”: The Instagram Sensations with a Huge Following

Twins, though not rare, never fail to captivate those intrigued by how two individuals can be so strikingly alike. Megan and Morgan Boyd, known as the “Trueblue Twins,” drew attention not only for their similarities but also for their mesmerizing crystal-clear blue eyes, which took the internet by storm when their mother shared pictures of them on Instagram at the age of four.

Stephanie, their mother, coined the endearing nickname “Trueblue Twins” to celebrate their unique eye color. Megan possesses two striking blue eyes, while Morgan’s right eye boasts a distinct dark brown hue, setting them apart in a captivating manner.

Today, at the age of nine, the Trueblue Twins continue to charm their 153,000 Instagram followers with their fashion-forward and coordinated outfits, lovingly curated by Stephanie. The rareness of their eye color astounds many, as some might assume that African-American individuals with blue eyes wear colored contacts. However, the Trueblue Twins, like their mother, are genuinely gifted with this rare gene that blesses them with naturally blue eyes.


Stephanie, despite her daughters’ social media fame, remains grounded and mindful of their desires and aspirations. Although their natural beauty could pave the way for potential modeling careers, she wisely refrains from pushing them into anything they might not truly want.

As we gaze upon these lovely 11-year-olds, it’s hard not to envision them blossoming into beautiful women in the future. If you share this belief, feel free to spread their heartwarming story with others.

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