IShowSpeed’s Persistence Pays Off: He Finally Meets Cristiano Ronaldo in Person

A devoted fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, widely known as IShowSpeed, recently had the incredible opportunity to meet his idol in person, and his reaction was nothing short of ecstatic.

IShowSpeed has garnered a massive following on YouTube, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch his live streams. In his most recent stream, he had the privilege of meeting the man who is arguably the greatest and most renowned footballer to ever grace the sport.

Fans familiar with IShowSpeed are well aware of his unwavering admiration for Ronaldo, as he consistently showers praise upon his idol at every opportunity. It comes as no surprise that such an ardent fan would have an earnest desire to meet Ronaldo in real life, and his wish was granted during Portugal’s recent 3-0 victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although he didn’t witness Ronaldo’s goals firsthand, as Portugal’s triumph came courtesy of Bernardo Silva in the first half and a brace from Bruno Fernandes in the second, IShowSpeed finally had the chance to meet his beloved football icon. Patiently waiting in the stadium as the players departed, he seized the moment when Ronaldo was leaving and approached him, fervently requesting a photo while uttering “por favor” in respectful anticipation.

To his astonishment, Ronaldo’s car halted, and the YouTuber could hardly believe his eyes as Cristiano Ronaldo himself emerged, offering a warm embrace and a brief conversation. Overwhelmed with emotion, IShowSpeed fell to his knees, arms outstretched in adoration, repeatedly expressing his love for the football legend. He even convinced Ronaldo to perform the signature ‘siu’ celebration with him before the esteemed athlete bid his farewell and returned to his car.

Needless to say, IShowSpeed was overjoyed with this encounter, collapsing against a wall and exclaiming, “I finally did it, bro” and “I love you so much, god.” Despite appearing to hyperventilate and feeling like he might faint, the dedicated YouTuber mustered enough energy to share another ‘siu’ celebration with the camera, commemorating this unforgettable moment of meeting Ronaldo.

As for Ronaldo himself, he continues to thrive both on and off the pitch, despite these being considered the twilight years of his football career. In 2023, he stands as the world’s highest-paid athlete, estimated to earn a staggering $136 million (£106) from his various endorsements, merchandise, and business ventures in addition to his salary as a professional footballer.

While his off-field endeavors contribute significantly to his earnings, it is evident that Ronaldo’s time as a top-tier footballer is drawing to a close. Following a somewhat acrimonious departure from Manchester United, the 38-year-old has been plying his trade for Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, a far cry from the glorious days of his dominance in the UEFA Champions League during his tenure at Real Madrid.

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