Jaclyn Smith’s Journey from Charlie’s Angels to Hollywood Stardom: A Glimpse into Her Life Today

Jaclyn Smith emerged as a pioneering celebrity in the 1970s, captivating audiences worldwide with her iconic role in the timeless TV series Charlie’s Angels. Over the years, this Houston native has evolved into a successful businesswoman, becoming a role model for millions.

Though she may no longer be in her prime as Kelly Garrett, the character who enthralled audiences in the 1970s, Jaclyn Smith remains an inspiring and captivating woman.

Having spent over four decades in the entertainment industry, Jaclyn has garnered accolades as an award-winning actress and entrepreneur. Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, she has always remained true to her compassionate roots, loving her family and actively assisting people around the world through various charitable foundations. Jaclyn’s extraordinary career has been accompanied by the blessings of a beautiful family, including children and grandchildren. At the age of 76, this is her today.

Born Jacquelyn Ellen Smith on October 26, 1945, in Houston, Texas, Jaclyn Smith’s passion for becoming a professional ballerina began at a tender age of three when she received her first pair of dancing shoes.

Family has always held the utmost importance for Jaclyn, a value instilled in her during her formative years. “Growing up in Houston, home was always a happy refuge for me, and the values my parents instilled in me, though unbeknownst to me at the time, would shape my identity in later life. Family has been and continues to be the foundation of my happiness and success,” she shared with Medium.

After completing high school, Jaclyn pursued drama at Trinity University. Before long, she graced several productions, including West Side Story and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Despite her aspirations to become a dancer, Jaclyn’s path led her to the realm of acting. In 1973, she landed her first television role as a shampoo model for Breck, collaborating with Max Factor, which eventually led to her own signature fragrance, Jaclyn Smith’s California, launched in 1989.

However, prior to proudly presenting her own fragrance, Jaclyn encountered numerous transformative experiences. Following her college graduation, she made the decision to move to New York City, a choice that proved to be fortuitous. “A thousand miles away from home, I was fortunate to embrace various experiences, meet incredible individuals, learn my craft, refine my skills, and remain receptive to finding the right path for me,” she explained. “Although I initially pursued dance, I was drawn into acting in commercials and miniseries, and I simply fell in love with it. As I delved into diverse roles and explored fascinating characters, I grew more convinced that this was my calling. I am grateful for the remarkable career I have enjoyed on both the big and small screens.”


During the early 1970s, Jaclyn secured several minor roles in television series and movies such as Switch and McCloud. However, everything changed for her in 1976 when she landed the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels. Interestingly, when auditioning for the part, Jaclyn wasn’t confident in her performance and believed she had missed out on the opportunity. She recalled, “I just know it wasn’t my best moment. So I let it go. I didn’t even think there was a chance for me to be part of Charlie’s Angels. I wasn’t a driven, ambitious actress thinking, ‘I must land this role.’ I simply went in and had fun.” Despite the initial preference for a redhead to balance the cast of blond Farrah Fawcett-Majors and brunette Kate Jackson, the producers realized that Smith was the perfect fit due to the chemistry among the three leading actresses.

The debut of Charlie’s Angels in 1976 marked the beginning of a remarkable success story.

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