Jamie Farr, Age 88, Radiates Youthfulness and Attributes Life Transformation to the Power of Prayer

Jamie Farr’s journey to success took him from humble beginnings to fame and fortune, but it was his faith and the love of a woman that brought him true happiness. Raised in a low-income family, Farr’s parents instilled in him values that would shape his character throughout his life. Running a grocery store, they taught him the importance of compassion by helping the homeless in their neighborhood, even offering them sandwiches made from saved cold cuts.

Growing up in Toledo, Farr faced ridicule from his peers for his distinctive nose. However, his unwavering faith in God inspired him to pursue acting as a means to entertain and uplift people. Believing that he was called by God to be an actor, he dedicated himself to his craft, eventually attending acting classes at the Pasadena Playhouse and securing minor roles in films.

Farr’s career faced setbacks when he was deployed to Japan and Korea, causing him to lose momentum in the competitive acting world. Feeling disheartened about his future, he found solace in his fiancee, Joy Richards, who supported him wholeheartedly. Despite financial constraints, Farr would give her rides to work, demonstrating his commitment to their relationship.

Seeking guidance from God, Farr attended church regularly, hoping for a breakthrough. His prayers were answered when a major studio announced a movie about the life of Jesus, titled “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” directed by George Stevens. Eager to be a part of the project, Farr contacted his agent and prayed for a positive response. Initially rejected, he felt lost and disillusioned. However, the studio changed its mind and offered Farr a role as Nathaniel Bartholomew, and later as Apostle Thaddeus, whose full name is Jude Thaddeus, the figure he had been directing his prayers to.

Grateful for the opportunity, Farr apologized to St. Jude and excitedly shared the news with his fiancee. With this newfound success, he and Joy were able to plan their wedding and build a stable life together. They tied the knot in 1963, and Farr fondly imagined St. Jude as his best man at the ceremony.


As Farr’s career flourished, he became known for his iconic role as Maxwell Klinger in the beloved series “MAS*H.” The financial stability he achieved allowed him to provide for his family and finally purchase a proper ring for his wife. Throughout their 60-year marriage, Farr enjoyed a successful career in television, stage, and film.

In a 2011 interview, reflecting on his life, Farr expressed his deep appreciation for the joy life had brought him, emphasizing his reluctance to leave it behind. Now at the age of 88, Jamie Farr continues to cherish the success he achieved and the love he shares with his wife and family.

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