Jeremy Clarkson Honors Bet, Treats Entire F1 Team to Incredible Round of 1,000 Beers

Jeremy Clarkson fulfilled his promise to purchase an extensive round of 1,000 beers as a treat for the entire Alpine Formula 1 team after Esteban Ocon’s remarkable podium finish at the Monaco Grand Prix last month.

The renowned former host of Top Gear, who resides near Alpine’s headquarters in Oxfordshire, had pledged to indulge the entire F1 team if they managed to secure a top-three placement at one of the most iconic street circuits. “Come on @AlpineF1Team I’ll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here,” tweeted the 63-year-old during the race.

Jeremy Clarkson made good on his promise. Credit: Twitter/@alpinef1

On that particular day, Lewis Hamilton had to settle for fourth place while Ocon successfully held him off. Fernando Alonso finished second, with Max Verstappen emerging victorious.

True to his word, the automotive enthusiast arrived at Alpine on Monday (12th June) in his tractor, accompanied by Kaleb Cooper, his co-star from Clarkson’s Farm.

The BWT Alpine F1 Team tweeted: “Some say he wouldn’t deliver on his Tweet to buy 1,000 beers. And that he wouldn’t turn up on his tractor. All we know is, he’s called @JeremyClarkson!”

Upon his arrival, Clarkson was given the microphone and expressed, “I said I’d buy you all a beer and I’ve brought you all a beer. Thank you very much for having us here today, delighted to be giving you this beer because it was a hell of a race, a hell of a result, great fun to watch sitting at home.”

“But the person you most want to meet, I’m sure, is Kaleb, who actually grows the spring barley just up the road, and he is here today in the back of a chauffeur-driven Bentley.”

He proceeded to distribute beers to numerous employees.

The TV presenter fan got a tour of the F1 team’s factory. Credit: Twitter/@hawkstone

The TV presenter, an avid Chelsea fan, then received a tour of the F1 team’s factory, playfully joking about Tottenham’s lack of trophies upon seeing some empty glass cabinets. He smugly remarked, “Tottenham Hotspur’s in the 21st century, and there’s one from the 20th century.”

In response to the deed, one person expressed on social media, “Good Guy makes good on bet. Also, it’s amazing how many people it takes to make a Formula 1 team!”

Another individual added, “This guy is a legend…and on the farm show, Kaleb is genuinely impressive. We need more Jeremy!”

Another Twitter user commented, “This should definitely be on the final season of Clarkson’s Farm.”

The team also took to Twitter to express their gratitude, stating, “Delivering on his word. Cheers for the beers!”

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