John Legend Opens Up About the Embarrassing Antics of His Children in Public

John Legend, widely regarded as one of the most exceptional singers of his generation, has amassed a massive global fan base. Interestingly, his most ardent admirers might just be residing under his own roof.

Delve deeper into the domestic life of this renowned crooner to discover some endearing and occasionally embarrassing moments he experiences with his children. During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, John Legend shared some humorous anecdotes involving his kids.

As a father, John Legend cherishes precious moments with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their three children. Luna, their eldest, was born in 2016, followed by their son Miles in 2018. Just a few months ago, the couple welcomed their third child, Esti. This joyous occasion came after they publicly shared the heartbreak of losing their previous pregnancy.

Legend amusingly revealed that his children insist on listening to his music during their morning rides to school. He particularly mentioned his son’s remarkable ability to recall the lengths of each song, displaying an uncanny memory akin to that of Rain Man. He quoted his son saying, “Actually, ‘Green Light’ is a little longer than this one. It’s 3:19.” While this brings the family closer, it also puts the singer in awkward situations when he drops off his kids at school. Notably, their school also hosts other famous offspring like Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s children, making the whole ordeal even more embarrassing. John humorously remarked, “I’m pulling up, playing my music loud, and it’s embarrassing. No, Jay-Z isn’t playing ‘Reasonable Doubt’ in the car with his kids—I don’t think, I don’t hear it at least!”


Recently, the couple shared the story behind their daughter’s name. Teigen explained that while on vacation, she noticed the word “Este” in the hotel they were staying at in Italy, which inspired her. She elaborated, “I love the name Este,” and they eventually settled on Esti. As fate would have it, John later discovered that Esti happened to be his great-grandmother’s name. Teigen humorously added, “…I guess maybe it was Esther, and then they turned it to Esti.”

This heartwarming family of five, comprising John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and their children, exemplifies love and togetherness. Their beautiful story is bound to bring smiles to the faces of others as well.

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