Jonah Hill and Girlfriend Olivia Millar Embrace Parenthood with the Arrival of Their First Child, Following His Absence from Sister Beanie Feldstein’s Wedding

Jonah Hill Welcomes First Child with Girlfriend Olivia Millar

Renowned actor Jonah Hill, aged 39, has joyously embraced fatherhood as he and his girlfriend, Olivia Millar, welcomed their first baby. A representative for Jonah Hill confirmed the news to PEOPLE.

Notably absent from his sister Beanie Feldstein’s wedding on May 20, Jonah Hill remained unseen in the wedding photographs and was not featured in Feldstein’s Vogue profile.

In late March, the paparazzi captured Olivia Millar in California, sporting what appeared to be a baby bump concealed by overalls, as published by The Daily Mail. Millar, who co-owns the online vintage shop Chasseresse with her older sister, was also spotted wearing an engagement ring. However, no official comment was provided by Jonah Hill’s representatives when contacted by PEOPLE.

The couple was first spotted enjoying their time together in Santa Barbara back in September 2022.

Before finding love with Olivia Millar, the Oscar-nominated actor was engaged to Gianna Santos, but they called it quits in October 2020. Jonah Hill was later romantically linked to surfer Sarah Brady, although he dismissed rumors of their engagement in February 2022.

Known for his increasingly private lifestyle, Jonah Hill revealed his struggles with anxiety and panic attacks in an open letter to his fans. In August, he shared his decision not to promote his documentary, Stutz, during the summer of 2022. Hill expressed his desire to use the film as a means of providing therapy and sharing the tools he has learned throughout his own therapy journey, aiming to help others who may be experiencing similar challenges.

Acknowledging his privilege and ability to take time off, Hill hoped that his transparency about his anxiety would contribute to destigmatizing mental health issues, encouraging open dialogue and understanding among individuals facing similar struggles.

In concluding his letter, Jonah Hill expressed gratitude to his collaborators, business partners, and all those who have shown understanding and support, hoping that the impact of his work would speak for itself.

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