Joy Behar Opens Up About Hurtful Words From Her Father: A Heartbreaking Revelation

Joy Behar opened up about her childhood experiences and her relationship with her late father during a live broadcast of “The View.” In a stark contrast to her previous expressions of fondness for her upbringing, Behar seemed to attribute some of her personal “trauma” to her father’s hurtful words when she was a young girl. The conversation arose when the co-hosts discussed Adele’s public statement about returning to therapy.

During the discussion, co-host Sunny Hostin expressed skepticism about the idea that childhood trauma shapes adult behavior. Behar intervened, clarifying that acknowledging and understanding past wounds is essential for personal growth. She likened it to tending to a wound by allowing it to breathe, emphasizing the influence of the unconscious mind on present behavior.

However, Behar’s perspective faced opposition from some of her co-hosts. Sara Haines suggested that experiences perceived as traumatic during development may appear minor in adulthood. Hostin further challenged the notion, asking if a minor incident like a sibling taking a cookie could define someone’s character forever.

In response, Behar playfully suggested that Hostin’s skepticism stemmed from unresolved sibling rivalry. The discussion then led Behar to share a personal anecdote about her father, recounting a hurtful comment he made about her appearance. Her co-hosts expressed disapproval of her father’s remark, and Behar acknowledged the impact it had on her self-image, stating that if her own father didn’t find her pretty, she struggled to see herself that way. She expressed her sadness about the situation.

Despite Behar’s complaint about her father during this episode, she had previously spoken positively about her childhood. In an interview with The New York Times, she credited her pleasant upbringing, rooted in her Italian heritage and growing up in Brooklyn, for her liberal activism. She stated that she was loved and never silenced, which she considered a blessing. This contrast between her earlier statements and her recent revelation about her father’s words led to criticism and accusations of blaming her father for her issues.

Critics, labeling her as “whining,” saw Behar’s behavior as typical of many liberals. However, some liberals embraced her as an emerging “far-left folk hero,” admiring her outspokenness and support for causes like free college tuition and universal healthcare. This divisive reaction reflects the polarized views people hold regarding Behar.

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