Joyful Moments Unfold as Rescued Giant Dog Indulges in Her First Cheeseburger After 6 Years of Crate Confinement

Angelica and Spud, despite enduring six long years of confinement in crates, displayed an extraordinary amount of sweetness, affection, and overall goodness as dogs.

Amy Creeks from Knine Rescue Inc. lovingly referred to them as “The goodest babies.”

These two canine companions were kept together but unfortunately deprived of the opportunity to engage and play like typical dogs should. Their living conditions were not only cramped and unsuitable for a comfortable existence, but they were also subjected to filthy surroundings.

It comes as no surprise that their joy knew no bounds when they were finally liberated from that unfortunate place.

Creeks shared with the Dodo, “You would have expected them to act in a negative way, but instead, they just showered us with kisses.” Spud, being in good health, found an adoptive home within a few weeks.

However, Angelica, lovingly known as “Angel,” had a different journey ahead.

She required physical therapy to regain strength in her legs. Once she had sufficiently recovered, it was time for an adventure.

Their first destination? Cheeseburgers! Angel experienced her very first car ride and was completely captivated by the new experience. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but one thing was certain—her enthusiasm for those cheeseburgers was undeniable.

Amy Creeks struggled to unwrap the burger fast enough for Angel, who would have devoured it in one bite if not for Creeks’ intervention, urging her to slow down and chew.

Creeks warmly welcomed Angel to her new life and it was evident that Angel was already fond of her new life, especially the food. Creeks said, “She reminded me of Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ where everything was in color and the whole world was new to her.”

In this new world, beyond the realm of cheeseburgers, Angelica discovered an abundance of delights. There were toys to play with, comfortable spaces to relax in, and compassionate individuals who provided care and companionship.

Most importantly, she experienced a sense of security and liberation, no longer confined to the confines of a crate.

Receiving a new rope toy brought sheer joy to Angel. It was akin to the excitement of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, filling her heart with delight and anticipation.

Creeks recounted, “We took her to the dog park, and she just kept going up to these people. We felt like she was trying to tell us something.” Unaware of Angel’s past, those individuals quickly developed a profound affection for her. They became Angel’s permanent and loving family, a bond that was evident to Creeks from the very first encounter. Angelica experienced a newfound sense of happiness, improved well-being, and overall thrived in their care.

With both Angel and Spud now settled in joyful homes, the time had finally come for them to reunite after three long months apart.

Creeks excitedly shared, “The reunion was even better than anyone thought it would be.” Everyone present was filled with joy to see the two reunited.

A commenter on Facebook wrote, “It’s hard to imagine these two spunky spirits trapped in filthy cages. Many heartfelt thanks to Stacey and Amy for rescuing them and finding wonderful foster families and forever homes where they are truly loved.”

Watch the heartwarming story in the video below! Please share this incredible journey with your friends and family.

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