Kaley Cuoco’s Close Call: Actress Issues a Warning to Others After Escaping a Second Pet Tragedy

Pets bring immeasurable joy to our lives, but the unfortunate reality is that their time with us is far too short. Kaley Cuoco, an ardent animal lover who recently mourned the loss of her dear dog Dump Truck, understands this all too well.

Cuoco’s compassionate nature led her to rescue a distressed dog named King, who was starving and frightened. Desperately seeking to save King from a mysterious illness, she went to great lengths, even sharing photos of the little dog’s post-life-saving surgery, with him sporting a shaved coat and covered in bandages.

The star of the renowned show Big Bang Theory now wishes to caution fellow pet owners about the dangers of the lethal foxtail plant that had nearly claimed King’s life during a two-month ordeal. These plants can prove fatal to animals, as the barbed seed heads can penetrate various parts of a pet’s body, leading to severe infection or even death.

In addition to King, Cuoco has also adopted another dog named Miss Opal, and together with her partner Tom, they welcomed their baby Matilda in March 2023. However, amidst the joy of new additions, Cuoco continues to remember and cherish the memory of her beloved chihuahua Dump Truck, who brought her comfort during some of life’s most challenging moments.


The loss of her cherished pets, including her 14-year companion Norman, inspired Cuoco to establish Yes Norman Productions, which co-produced her successful HBO show, The Flight Attendant. Furthermore, she created Oh Norman, a company dedicated to crafting high-quality products for pets, aiming to give them the love and care they truly deserve.

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