“Late Dad’s Heartwarming Surprise: $10 Bill Left 6 Years Ago Helps Son Buy First Beer on His 21st Birthday

Turning 21 years old marks a significant milestone in one’s life, symbolizing the transition to adulthood in society. For many, it’s an exciting time, eagerly anticipating their first legal drink. However, for Matt Goodman from Massachusetts, this momentous occasion was tinged with bittersweet emotions due to the absence of his beloved father, who had passed away when Matt was just 15.

Before his father’s passing, he had left a thoughtful gift for Matt, ensuring that he would be remembered on this important day. Matt’s sister, Casey, was entrusted with a $10 bill, earmarked for his 21st birthday, specifically to buy his first beer. It was a touching reminder that even though physically absent, their father’s love and presence would forever reside in Matt’s heart.

For six long years, Matt’s mom and sister held onto the $10 bill until the day he was about to turn 21. True to her promise, Casey presented her younger brother with the money, setting in motion a heartwarming chain of events. Immediately, Matt knew how he wanted to use the money – he would order his father’s favorite, Bud Lights, a drink that his dad would likely have suggested.

Matt shared this special moment on Twitter, and to his surprise, the post went viral, receiving over 500,000 likes and being shared worldwide. Even Budweiser noticed the tweet and responded with warm words, promising to honor Matt’s dad by treating him to his next beer.

Budweiser stayed true to their word and sent Matt not just one, but several cases of beer. Grateful for the gesture, Matt tweeted his thanks and shared a picture of himself and his sister alongside the abundance of beer. Many well-wishers offered to send him money for a beer, but Matt graciously declined, asking them instead to donate to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Matt’s 21st birthday turned out to be exceptionally special, as he not only celebrated becoming an adult but also honored his father’s memory in a heartwarming and memorable way.

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