Lewis Capaldi’s Hilarious Reaction to Red Arrows Flypast at Glastonbury: ‘I Nearly Had a Fright!’ Followed by Brave Battle with Tourette’s on Stage

During his Glastonbury set on Saturday afternoon, Lewis Capaldi had an amusing response to the Red Arrows flypast. The Scottish singer, aged 26, was taken aback and confessed that he nearly had a frightful experience as the loud planes passed overhead. It occurred just before his fans rallied around him while he grappled with his Tourette’s symptoms on stage, following a three-week break for his mental health.

Playfully addressing the Red Arrows during his performance, he remarked, “Oh, by the way, did anyone see those jets flying over? Is that normal? Does that happen a lot?” The crowd responded with a resounding “no!” to which Lewis continued, “No? Well, maybe they thought, ‘Do you know what that Lewis Capaldi set needs? Send in the Red Arrows!'” He went on, “I’m not gonna lie, I did get startled for a moment – I thought we were all in trouble!”

Lewis Capaldi had previously canceled all his work commitments in order to “rest and recover” before the highly anticipated music festival. Upon returning to the stage, he candidly admitted feeling “terrified” to perform and openly discussed his struggles with mental health. He confirmed that he would be taking another break from the spotlight after the show.

In the midst of his set, Lewis acknowledged his challenges with Tourette’s, expressing that his voice had become strained due to persistent coughing. Tourette’s is a neurological condition characterized by involuntary noises and movements called tics, which can affect speech and vocal patterns.

Despite his difficulties, Lewis determinedly continued with his performance, and his devoted fans rallied around him. The show concluded on an emotional note as the crowd passionately sang “Someone You Loved” for him. The heartwarming moment witnessed Lewis walking across the Pyramid Stage, singing fragments of the track while the crowd harmoniously supported the star with their voices.

Following the show, many fans took to Twitter to shower Lewis with kind words. They shared how the emotionally charged crowds were moved to tears during the final song of his set. They emphasized that Lewis had nothing to apologize for and praised his “fantastic” performance, commending him for persevering despite his struggles.

Lewis Capaldi, although visibly downcast as he exited the stage, expressed gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support during the performance. Throughout his set, he apologized to the audience for his voice faltering but insisted on delivering the remaining songs, albeit with limited vocal capacity. In between tracks, the supportive crowds erupted in cheers, displaying their encouragement, while Lewis momentarily paused and dealt with his Tourette’s-related challenges.

He concluded the show with his hit song “Someone You Loved,” with the audience fervently singing along to support him as he grappled with his vocal difficulties.

Onstage, Lewis also confirmed that he would be taking another break from the limelight, informing fans that they wouldn’t see much of him for the remainder of the year. Reflecting on his three-week break before the performance, he explained that he needed time off to prioritize his mental health. This break resulted in him missing out on performing at Capital’s Summertime Ball. In an Instagram statement, Lewis expressed his gratitude for the support he had received and acknowledged the overwhelming response to his new album.

Lewis Capaldi’s recent candidness about his mental health struggles and his experiences with Tourette’s syndrome can be seen in the Netflix documentary “How I’m Feeling Now.”

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