Lovebirds Who First Met as Toddlers Celebrate Their 64th Wedding Anniversary

Joel and Carolyn LaPray’s love story is nothing short of extraordinary, renewing our faith in true love. The tale began in the 1940s when their families, already close friends and neighbors, found themselves in Idaho. It was during this time, as mere toddlers, that fate first brought the two together.

As World War II unfolded, circumstances forced their families to part ways, scattering them to different places. However, destiny had its own plans in store. In their teenage years, Joel and Carolyn serendipitously crossed paths again, this time in Utah. It didn’t take long for Joel to be captivated by Carolyn’s charm, and during their high school years, he had the courage to ask her to the military ball. Deep down, he knew she was “the one.”

And he was right. Their love story truly blossomed during their senior year, and when they both decided to attend Utah State University, their commitment only grew stronger. After their freshman year, they took a leap of faith and decided to tie the knot.

Now, fast forward 64 years, and their love remains as enchanting as ever, having stood the test of time and life’s trials together. Their family has flourished, and they are now blessed with six children, an astonishing 25 grandchildren, and an even more impressive number of 33 great-grandchildren. The LaPray clan now counts a whopping 70 members!

When asked about the secret behind their enduring 64-year-long union, Joel attributes it to the art of compromise. Their willingness to understand and support each other through thick and thin has undoubtedly contributed to their wedded bliss.

As we celebrate their love story, we wish Joel and Carolyn LaPray even more happiness and a blissful journey ahead. May their story continue to inspire and remind us all of the power of love that can stand the test of time. Here’s to the LaPrays, a true love story that will resonate through the ages!

To learn more about the heartwarming love story of the LaPrays, watch the full news story below.

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