Man Constructs Retaliatory Fence Resulting in Destruction of Five Neighbor’s Cars

They often say that good fences create good neighbors. However, when your neighbors continuously run over your fence due to their rude and careless behavior, it may be necessary to upgrade your fencing strategy.

This was precisely what one exasperated father did after enduring repeated destruction of his fence by his inconsiderate neighbors. The story was shared on Reddit by his daughter, shedding light on the situation.

Interestingly, it turned out that the fence-destroying neighbors were also distant relatives, which might explain a lot. These two neighboring households had been engaged in ongoing disputes over their property line for many years.

“We reside in a small private neighborhood, and the neighbors are somewhat related to us (distant relatives). Everyone here seems to be quite eccentric. They’ve been arguing relentlessly for decades, even before my brother and I were born,” explained the daughter/Redditor.

Clearly, things were off to a rocky start. To illustrate the problem, she provided a chart along with her explanation.

“Our property line forms a square and is surrounded by roads on two sides. It’s important to note that we allowed our neighbors to use one square meter of our land along a section of the road for their safety, to prevent damage to our property,” she clarified. So, it seems that this small square of land at the edge of the property was susceptible to being run over when vehicles made turns.

However, when the family whose lawn was being constantly run over suggested splitting the cost of asphalt for both driveways, the neighbors decided to ignore the proposal and continued running over the area. Ah, the joys of family!

The breaking point came when the homeowners planted some hedges, and a truck on its way to the neighbor’s house obliterated them. According to the Redditor’s account:

“One day, our neighbors ordered a massive truck loaded with tons of wood. The truck driver ran over our fence. Nobody was willing to take responsibility for the damage. Our fence consisted of multiple bushes, trees, and a small section of metal fence. All these plants were completely destroyed, and a portion of the metal fence was bent. We had to replant everything and install a new metal fence. To my disbelief, my father informed me that this wasn’t the first time it had happened but the third. This is where our revenge story begins.”

Understandably furious, the Redditor’s father, who happened to be a police officer, decided to take matters into his own hands.

He took out the property line marker, dug up the disputed territory, and filled it with barrels filled with rocks. This action angered the neighbors, who threatened to involve the police (though that threat didn’t carry much weight, given the father’s profession).

Apparently, there were also threats involving an ax, although specific details are lacking.

With the barrels in place, the father simply waited for nature to take its course. It was inevitable that the neighbors would continue to run over the area, only now their cars would bear the brunt of the damage.

Within the first six hours alone, three of their cars collided with the barrels and sustained damage. One would think that would be a lesson learned. “Over the course of a year, these neighbors hit the barrels with their cars so frequently that the barrels became worthless,” revealed the Redditor.

Justice was served.

But the father had an even more elaborate plan for revenge. “He purchased cement, sand, and metal poles. One peaceful afternoon, my father and I cemented the entire section of the land and adorned it with lovely flowers. So when they hit the concrete, they would smell the fragrance of our victory/defeat.”

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