Man Discovers He’s Been Cooking with Children’s Toys After Believing he Scored a Kitchen Utensil Bargain

A man who believed he had found a great deal on kitchen utensils soon realized that he had been cooking meals with toys designed for children.

David Rose, a 39-year-old resident of Milton Keynes, was thrilled when he purchased a designer kitchen set for a mere £10 to prepare food for his family. He thought he had scored a typical £75 Joseph Joseph kitchenware set at a discounted price, complete with a spatula and ladle that came with their own little stand. However, his excitement turned to amusement when his wife, Hannah, 34, burst into laughter upon seeing him use the five-inch serving spoon.

Credit: East News

These utensils were nowhere near the size of their high-end counterparts, as the regular cooking utensils measured a standard 12 inches in length. It was at this point that Hannah realized what her bargain-hunting husband had actually done. She said, “The spatula was absolutely tiny. He told me he must have accidentally ordered travel-sized ones. He had been using them for a week. I had to retrieve the packaging and show him that it said ‘toy utensil set’.”

Hannah, a mother of three, couldn’t believe her eyes as her partner stubbornly continued cooking dinner with his child-sized spatula. However, David had no plans to put them aside anytime soon, declaring, “I still think I’ve made a great purchase. They work fine; they’re just smaller in size.”

Credit: East News

Despite paying only £10, he believed he had acquired six different cooking utensils and a fancy rotating stand for them to sit on in the kitchen. Evidently, he somehow missed the fact that they were meant for children aged three and up, not 39-year-olds. Amusing pictures captured David’s determination to use his child-sized spatula to fry an egg, which ended up looking bigger than the spatula itself.

Credit: East News

Bewildered by his insistence on using this “bargain buy,” Hannah commented, “I thought he would give them to the kids to play with, but he insists they are usable.”


While we shouldn’t expect any cooking tutorials from him anytime soon (although witnessing him prepare a full roast with his miniature utensils would be quite amusing), we must commend David for his dedication to a good deal. He remarked, “I wouldn’t have paid an extra £65 for larger ones. I’ll just have to serve our dinner in slightly smaller portions.”

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