Many praised a father of two for what he did in a supermarket

The father was with his two children in the supermarket, he was in line when he noticed that something painful was happening to the old woman in front of him, he handed her something and became a star overnight, he says he did the most normal thing.

How many people would step up for a complete stranger who is need of help? Sadly, the answer is not many. Those who would, however, are the reason why this world goes around.

A man named Ryan O’Donnell was at the supermarket together with his children doing the groceries.

When they picked up everything they needed, Ryan and his boys approached the register. In front of them there was this elderly lady who was trying to pay for her groceries but her card got declined repeatedly.

Feeling uneasy, Ryan decided to pay for the woman’s groceries because he didn’t want her to leave the store empty-handed. The lady was supposed to pay $44, and without hesitation, Ryan took $50 out of his wallet and asked to pay for her groceries.

The woman couldn’t hide her happiness. She then turned to Ryan to thank him and ask him how she could return the favor, to what Ryan replied, “Don’t worry, have a nice day.”

When Ryan showed kindness and did a good deed, he had no idea somebody was watching and took photos of the encounter.

Once shared on the social media, the photos, along with the story of kindness shred by Ryan, received plenty of attention. A huge number of people praised his action.

Asked why he chose to pay for the woman’s groceries, Ryan told a local medium, “I did what my parents taught me, to help others when I could!”

Imagine what this world would look like if we had more Ryans in it.

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