Megyn Kelly Criticizes ‘The View’: ‘Their Careers Are Going Nowhere!

Megyn Kelly spared no criticism for the women of “The View,” aiming to leave a lasting impression on the daytime talk show hosts. Through her podcast, the former Fox anchor repeatedly scrutinized Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts for their mockery of Tucker Carlson, who had been let go by Fox News.

Megyn Kelly took aim at the ladies of “The View” for their jubilation over the termination of the “terrible” Tucker Carlson. On their show, the hosts led the audience in a celebratory “wave” and even performed the song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” by Steam, as requested by panelist Ana Navarro. Kelly, during her weekly Sirius FM program, criticized moderator Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts for their constant nagging, while cautioning Fox News about the potential negative consequences of their decision. She exclaimed, “Your careers are going nowhere, and Tucker is poised to excel in any path he chooses.” Additionally, Kelly sarcastically mocked the hosts of the daytime panel program, suggesting that they would never achieve the same level of “success” as Carlson.

Ana Navarro faced Kelly’s criticism for initiating the “wave” on live television. Kelly boldly proclaimed, “Ana Navarro, even in your wildest imagination, you could never carry a show on your own. You will only find success as part of an ensemble and can never hope to reach Tucker Carlson’s level.” Kelly concluded her response by advising the ladies to continue their negative banter from their insignificant positions.

When Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar expressed their belief that President Joe Biden needed “four more years to fight fascism,” Kelly burst into laughter. On live TV, Goldberg declared, “The person in power is doing their job! You need to support him, and we won’t have any problems.”

Behar asserted, “He needs eight years to combat fascism. Four years aren’t enough. You need eight.” Kelly found the video amusing and responded, “It’s incredible! It’s so entertaining! I now understand why that show is still on the air. It’s a comedy! If you view it as comedy, it’s much more enjoyable!”

During another episode of Kelly’s podcast, she played a clip featuring Sunny Hostin from “The View” discussing racism and reparations. Hostin stated, “The greatest threat to our country today… is white supremacy and domestic terrorism. How can we unite when we face homegrown terror? We’ve never addressed the lingering issue after 400 years in this country. Until we confront it and demand accountability, we won’t even come close to the unity we aspire to.”

Kelly held a contrasting opinion. In response to the clip, she remarked, “This is the worst television show, and I fail to comprehend why it still has an audience. I genuinely fear that this kind of attitude will resurrect racism that was dwindling in the United States. It hadn’t been eradicated, but it was on the decline. You can’t simply point fingers at white people and demand reparations.”

Furthermore, Megyn Kelly didn’t hold back her criticism of the ladies of “The View” when they disparaged Republican Nikki Haley upon announcing her presidential candidacy. Goldberg labeled her as someone who “used to have some sanity,” while Hostin called her a “political grifter and chameleon.”

“I find it amusing that ‘The View’ calls her a ‘political grifter’ just because she has shifted her stance on Trump from time to time,” Kelly remarked. “I suppose it’s acceptable if your name is Kamala Harris, and you called Joe Biden a racist during a presidential debate before becoming his VP. That’s not considered grifting; that’s deemed smart politics.” Kelly also highlighted Joy Behar’s retraction of a comment regarding Haley as an “election denier.” She read the correction sent to Behar while she was still on the air and added, “Behar couldn’t even wrap up the show without admitting her factual error. There will be no love for the Republican candidate, regardless of who it may be.”

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