Morgan Miller Shares Heartfelt Moment of Baby Scarlet Learning to Swim, Reflects on Late Daughter Emmy: A Poignant Reminder

Morgan Miller reached a bittersweet milestone with her daughter Scarlet, and she shared the moment on Instagram. The 36-year-old mother posted a video on her Instagram Story, showcasing Scarlet Olivia, who is 18 months old, taking a swim lesson in their family pool. As Morgan watched the lesson unfold, it evoked memories of her late daughter, Emmy, who tragically drowned at 19 months old in June 2018.


In the caption, Morgan noted that Scarlet is now the same age Emmy was on the day of the accident. She reflected on the fact that they had never enrolled Emmy in swim lessons, and when they finally considered it a month before her passing, their swim instructor believed she was too young to learn. Morgan emphasized that this experience serves as proof that children who can sit unassisted are not too young to learn, and she highlighted the importance of implementing multiple layers of protection to prevent drowning. She urged parents with young children to consider this as a sign and to enroll them in swim lessons, especially as pool season approaches.

Later, Morgan shared another photo of Scarlet swimming in an Instagram post, where she expressed her ongoing grief for Emmy. She admitted that for months, she had been avoiding the overwhelming pain associated with losing a child—the kind of pain that feels like a punch to the gut, making it difficult to breathe. Morgan confessed that she had been avoiding tears, choosing instead to numb herself from the grief. The waves of grief hit her, but rather than embracing the pain and allowing herself to mourn, she turned away and postponed the process for another day.


The weight of the profound sadness felt unbearable, especially knowing that she would also be grieving the loss of her father, further intensifying the pain and grief. However, as she watched Scarlet swim, Morgan realized that this numbness did not shield her from the pain; instead, it prevented her from experiencing joy. Without joy, life seemed devoid of purpose.

After enduring many dark months, Morgan made a courageous decision to embrace life fully, openly, and vulnerably, acknowledging the depths of the fundamental human experience of love and loss. In her concluding remarks, she expressed her commitment to living with authenticity and allowing herself to feel the full spectrum of emotions.

Apart from Emmy and Scarlet, Morgan and Bode Miller are parents to twin boys, Asher and Aksel, who are 3 years old, as well as sons Easton (4) and Nash (8). Bode also has two children, Nate (10) and Dace (15), from previous relationships.

Last December, the couple faced another frightening ordeal concerning one of their children. Morgan shared on her Instagram Story that Asher had experienced a febrile seizure. She explained that a febrile seizure is a convulsion caused by a fever and commonly occurs in young, healthy children. Morgan recalled the fear they felt during this episode and how it brought back memories of taking Emmy to the hospital. However, this time they were relieved as they were able to leave the hospital with their child. Morgan acknowledged that life constantly presents challenges, and they have become familiar with walking a precarious path.

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