Mother Dedicated to Demonstrating the Beauty of Her Daughter with an Exceptionally Rare Birthmark

Each of us enters this world as a unique and inherently exquisite individual, with our own distinctiveness.

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of human existence lies in the fact that no two individuals are identical. As time progresses, our collective evolution as a species is leading us towards greater acceptance and celebration of our diversities. Mother Nicole Lucas Hallson is nurturing two wonderful children, her son Asher and daughter Winry. However, she is also pursuing a larger mission: to establish that our perfection is rooted in our imperfections. Her focus is to reaffirm the beauty of her baby daughter, born with a rare birthmark, just the way she is.

Reported by Good Morning America, little Winry Hall came into the world bearing an exceptionally rare birthmark, known as congenital melanocytic nevi or CMN.

At the age of 13 months, Winry stands apart from other children due to this uncommon birthmark that covers a quarter of her face.

Nicole, a dedicated teacher, was taken aback and deeply concerned when the nurses placed Winry in her arms after her delivery in February 2021.

Her pregnancy had progressed fairly uneventfully, and she had not anticipated her daughter having a skin condition.

“I was fortunate to experience a fairly ordinary pregnancy! Nausea persisted from around weeks 8 to 14, but once that subsided, I felt wonderful until fatigue set in during the final month,” she shares on her blog. According to Nicole, it was likely the medical staff who first noticed the CMN. However, their remarks were limited to cheers and congratulations for the swift and uncomplicated delivery.

They also reassured Nicole that all of Winry’s vital signs were favorable.

After nursing her newborn daughter for a while, Nicole began to truly observe Winry. Initially, the perplexed mother mistook the prominent mark on Winry’s head for a bruise. “It quickly became evident to my husband and me that it was not a bruise. True to its name, it resembled a mole to me,” Nicole recounts.

In her blog, Nicole documents her emotions. “Some of the elation from the labor had faded, and I would say worry became the predominant feeling – I recognized its resemblance to a mole, but I had never encountered anything quite like it. I was concerned it might pose a threat to her. At this point, none of the nurses had mentioned anything about it, but I didn’t know what to inquire about, so I simply held her close and showered her with love.”

A report by the National Organization for Rare Diseases reveals that CMN can manifest as patches of light brown or black and can assume nearly any size on any part of the body.

Nicole and her partner are now dedicated to highlighting their daughter’s uniqueness, aiming to inspire others that embracing slight differences is a source of pride, not shame. “For many, this might be their first encounter with a birthmark like hers, and that’s why I find joy in sharing,” Hall expresses.

“This dialogue is beneficial for parents to have with their children, allowing them to understand that kids can be diverse, or for parents who, like us, have a child resembling Winry or with any type of birthmark, to witness their child being represented.”

Considering that Winry’s birthmark could potentially elevate her risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer), her parents take diligent measures to safeguard her skin. Nonetheless, Nicole expresses greater concern about the possibility of her daughter facing bullying as she grows older.

“Her well-being and happiness are our utmost priority. We need to consistently monitor her sunscreen use. I’m meticulous about ensuring she wears hats and similar protective gear,” Hall elaborates to Good Morning America.

“I anticipate that regular dermatology appointments will likely be her steadfast companions throughout her growth.” As for Winry’s perception of the world, she is a joyful and lively young girl, unburdened by worries. In essence, she embodies all the traits of a carefree baby.

“She exudes sheer delight. Laughter or shrieks are seldom absent,” Hall describes. “She’s a proficient conversationalist already. While her vocabulary is still limited, she fearlessly expresses herself, displaying hints of spiritedness. It seems we have quite a character on our hands.”

Here at Newsner, we concur that diversities should be celebrated, and never subject to mockery or disdain. We believe that Winry is an exceptionally unique young girl, possessing a beautiful soul to match.

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