Mother Issues Caution to Parents as Playground Trend Renders 11-Year-Old Boy Resembling an Extraterrestrial

We all engage in youthful antics that might seem foolish in retrospect. After all, a crucial aspect of maturing is grasping when to decline participation in potentially hazardous endeavors.

Regrettably, young individuals are particularly vulnerable to the influence of their peers and other external pressures. Even the most intellectually astute among them can be coerced and persuaded to partake in activities with potentially dire outcomes.

Consider the case of Tyler Broome, an 11-year-old whose parents can attest to the dire consequences of succumbing to such pressures. He suffered severe injuries after attempting a YouTube trend dubbed ‘the roundabout of death’.

The name itself aptly summarizes the crux of the situation, though for Tyler, it wasn’t merely an extremely perilous feat; rather, it represented a means to demonstrate his audacity to his friends. As a result of this stunt, Tyler endured injuries comparable to those seen in fighter pilots, subjected to the intense gravitational forces known as G-forces.

The activity he engaged in—referred to as the ’roundabout of death’—entailed participants seated at the center of a playground roundabout, which was then spun at high speeds using a motorcycle’s rear wheel.

Shortly after the incident, Tyler was discovered unconscious in proximity to the roundabout, left with potential damage to his cognitive function and eyesight.

The sheer intensity of the forces he experienced rivals what typically confronts pilots and astronauts. Reports indicate that Tyler was at a local park with a friend when they encountered a group of older teenagers who dared them to participate in this dangerous game.

Tyler’s mother, Dawn, shared her heart-wrenching perspective: “I no longer recognize my child – he is teetering on the brink of a stroke. Tyler sat on the roundabout, while the older boy, about 17 years old, placed his motorcycle on the ground and set the roundabout into a rapid spin. When they were done, the group simply dispersed, leaving Tyler behind. It’s tantamount to bullying.”

Dawn recounted that medical professionals were baffled by the extent of his injuries and had to conduct research before commencing treatment. “The injuries were so extreme that he bore a resemblance to the Elephant Man. Such a sight was unprecedented for them; they intend to create a medical report based on his case. His head swelled considerably, blood vessels ruptured, and his eyes assumed an otherworldly appearance. His vision is now compromised. A broken limb is manageable, but this? He retains no memory of the incident, no recollection of the specifics.”

Parents should bear in mind that children are susceptible to embarking on ventures that rational adults would avoid altogether. Let Tyler’s story serve as a stark reminder of this vulnerability.

Our thoughts and prayers are directed towards young Tyler and his family. It is imperative to share this account to spread awareness regarding this exceedingly hazardous trend.

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