Mother’s Explanation for Sharing Her Daughter’s Final Moments on Facebook

At the tender age of three, Zoey received a life-altering diagnosis of cancer. Prior to this devastating news, she had grown up in a nurturing family, exuding boundless energy and embodying the vibrant spirit characteristic of many children.

Zoey possessed an endearing sweetness, a playful nature, and an unwavering happiness. However, everything changed one fateful day when she took a tumble while playing. A couple of weeks later, CBS8 reported that she lost strength in both her hands.

Facebook / Zoeys Light

Recognizing that something was amiss, Zoey’s family swiftly took her to the hospital. There, they received news that would forever echo in their souls—a message they would never forget. The doctor informed them that their cherished little girl, brimming with life and love, had been diagnosed with DIPG, an exceptionally rare and aggressive brain tumor.

“We were at a loss, unsure of what steps to take or where to turn. It felt like a grim sentence,” shared Zoey’s mother, Casey, in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Despite enduring an unimaginable tragedy, a nightmare no one would wish upon their worst enemy, the family mustered their strength for Zoey’s sake. Over the following two years, Zoey underwent various treatments for her cancer.

Facebook / Zoeys Light

Eventually, the family discovered a clinic in Germany where Zoey responded positively to radiation therapy. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated over time. She grew increasingly unwell, and the inconceivable became imminent.

On July 4, 2018, Zoey peacefully departed from this world in the comfort of her home in the United States.

While the impending loss devastated the family, Zoey’s parents realized shortly before her passing that they could share invaluable final moments together. In her last minutes, Zoey continued to radiate joy. Her parents invited relatives and friends to gather at their home and bid farewell to her before it was too late.

Now, Zoey’s mother has courageously chosen to share this intimate family moment on Facebook. “I decided to share it because despite the pain, it’s a beautiful moment in our eyes,” Casey expressed to the Daily Mail.

Facebook / Zoeys Light

The photograph captures the embrace of Zoey’s parents, their arms encircling their precious daughter. They sat together on the couch, accompanied by the family dog. They spent the day singing Disney songs, while a Harry Potter movie played on the television. In the midst of serenity and tranquility, Zoey quietly slipped away. It happened halfway through the film, her heart ceasing to beat.

“At first, I didn’t think I would share it, despite seeing other families sharing their moments. But then I thought, ‘I want a photo like that captured.’ I want to preserve these moments forever, even when my memory fades,” Casey confided to the Daily Mail.

Facebook / Zoeys Light

Through the Facebook page “Zoey’s Light,” the family now endeavors to spread the hope and radiance that Zoey brought into the world during her brief years. They aim to inspire others to lend a helping hand, to embrace love fully and gratefully—one ordinary day at a time. The experience endured by Casey and Ben is one that no parent should ever have to endure.

Casey and Ben, you have been exceptional parents—truly extraordinary. My prayers will continue indefinitely. Zoey now watches over us as an angel.

Rest in peace, dear Zoey.

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