Nervous Daughter Empowered: Dad Allows Her to Choose Outfit for Class Photo Day

As a child, the annual class photo holds a special place in one’s heart, bringing excitement as we get to choose our own clothes. However, for some kids, it can be nerve-wracking, worrying about how others will perceive their regular outfits or feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Kaylieann Steinbach, a three-year-old girl with profound hearing loss, looked forward to her class picture day with great anticipation. Unfortunately, her initial excitement turned to disappointment when she saw the clothes her parents had selected for her. Undeterred, she took matters into her own hands and decided to pick her outfit herself.

Being a huge fan of superheroes like Superman and Supergirl, she lovingly referred to them as “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl” due to her difficulty hearing the letter “S.” With no doubt in her mind, she chose her favorite hero costume for the class picture.

Her dad, Austin Steinbach, couldn’t argue with her choice and happily let her wear the heroic outfit. As she stood in front of the cameras, adorned in her Supergirl costume and accompanied by a doll, Kaylieann radiated with joy.

Her enthusiasm for superheroes didn’t end there. She often wore different costumes to school, and her classmates and teachers eagerly awaited seeing which superhero she would be that day.

When Austin shared Kaylieann’s class photo on Reddit, he was overwhelmed by the support and love pouring in from the deaf community and beyond. The response was heartwarming, with countless messages of encouragement and kindness.

In the eyes of her father and many others, Kaylieann is the true superhero, a tough and brave girl who fearlessly pursued her dreams. Her story is an inspiration to all, showing the power of determination and the beauty of embracing one’s unique interests.

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