News Anchor Stumbles upon Stolen Dog While Reporting on the Incident

“In the past, dogs in the United States were often stolen and sold for medical research. However, the enactment of the Animal Welfare Act in 1966 has significantly reduced such incidents. Although the occurrence of dog thefts for this purpose has diminished, it still remains a disturbing reality today.


A recent incident serves as a reminder that vigilance and the presence of a resourceful reporter can make a crucial difference in reuniting lost dogs with their owners. Juliana Mazza, a reporter from the Boston area, exemplifies how anyone can become a hero, even while carrying out their professional duties.

While on assignment for 7News, Juliana and her crew were covering a local dognapping that had occurred in a parking lot. During her live report, she noticed something peculiar. The stolen dog, a 13-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer named Titus, had been taken from that very parking lot the previous Friday. Hoping to spread the word about Titus, Juliana seized the opportunity to engage with the community.


As Juliana continued to film, she noticed a man walking a dog that bore a striking resemblance to Titus. Thinking quickly, she called the man over and invited him to be featured on the news. As she conversed with the man, certain suspicions arose. Juliana subtly petted the dog and asked the man questions, noting the resemblance between him and the dognapper depicted in the police-released photograph. She discreetly inspected the dog’s tag, confirming her suspicion that it was indeed Titus.

Realizing that the man was the dognapper, Juliana persisted with her line of questioning until he became aware of his imminent capture. However, by that point, it was too late. The dognapper had been exposed, thanks to Juliana’s quick thinking and determination.”


The dognapper’s actions were caught on camera, making it inevitable for him to face public exposure for his crimes!

Juliana’s quick thinking came to the forefront as she questioned the dognapper, “Didn’t it occur to you to call the number on the dog’s tag?” In that very moment, she dialed 911, taking charge of the situation and ensuring that the man would be apprehended and the dog recovered. The dognapper stood there, stunned by the turn of events.


Within a few short minutes, law enforcement arrived, placing the man under arrest for larceny and breaking into a vehicle.

When Greg finally laid eyes on his beloved dog once more, the reunion was incredibly touching, warming his heart.

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