Paris Jackson Opens Up About Michael Jackson’s Parenting: Revealing the Truth Behind Their Father-Daughter Relationship

Paris Jackson, at the age of only 24, has been immersed in the world of fame throughout her entire life, being the second child of the legendary musician Michael Jackson.

Following the loss of her father, Paris has faced numerous challenges. However, she has now embarked on her own musical career, showcasing her considerable talent as a young woman.

Despite the ups and downs she has experienced, Paris has made the decision to speak out about her upbringing with her father, the iconic “King of Pop.” It’s safe to say that hardly anyone is unfamiliar with Michael Jackson’s legacy.

Michael Jackson, known as the “King of Pop,” earned this title for a reason. But despite his musical brilliance, the late singer’s life was far from easy. From his early days performing with the Jackson Five, he faced difficulties at home, exacerbated by a strict father who swiftly punished his children for any deviation from the norm.

It could be argued that Michael Jackson was molded into an entertainer and singer from a young age, almost like a manufactured product. However, this doesn’t diminish the sheer brilliance of his music, dancing, and songwriting.

When Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, the world mourned the loss of this extraordinary musician. Throughout his life, he was hounded by paparazzi and tabloids, and even in death, he was not spared from their relentless pursuit.


Paris Jackson, as Michael’s daughter, has lived her entire life in the spotlight. Nevertheless, she is determined to establish her own identity, distinct from being simply Michael Jackson’s child. Despite enduring years of mental illness, she has shown tremendous resilience and progress.

Paris Jackson was born on April 3, 1998, in California as the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson. Her early years were shrouded in privacy, as both she and her brother were homeschooled until the sixth grade. Michael Jackson prioritized preserving their privacy and shielded them from the public eye. Early photographs of Michael’s children often showed them in costumes or with scarves concealing their faces.

Consequently, Paris and her siblings led a highly sheltered life on the Neverland Ranch. While their privilege was undeniable, it must have been challenging in its own right.


In an interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell on YouTube, Paris Jackson opened up about her father and her upbringing. She revealed that Michael Jackson took great care to expose them to different cultures and education beyond the glitz and glamour associated with their status. They traveled to third-world countries and experienced the entire spectrum of life.

Paris Jackson’s childhood involved living in various parts of the world as her father toured to perform in front of massive audiences. She expressed gratitude for her privileged upbringing but acknowledged that her father instilled in her the importance of not feeling entitled. He emphasized the need to work hard and earn what they desired, even from a young age. For instance, if they wanted five toys, they had to read five books.

Tragedy struck when Paris was just 11 years old, as her father unexpectedly passed away. On June 25, 2009, the “King of Pop” suffered cardiac arrest at home and subsequently died after being rushed to a nearby hospital. As per Michael’s will, Paris and her brothers came under the legal care of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

During her father’s televised memorial service, an 11-year-old Paris stood before the world to deliver a heartfelt speech about her father’s remarkable qualities. She expressed immense love for him, highlighting his role as an exceptional father.

Paris, along with her brothers Prince Michael and Prince Michael II, attended the televised memorial service, providing the public with a glimpse of Jackson’s children for the first time. In January 2010, they made another public appearance while accepting a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award on their father’s behalf at the 2010 Grammy Awards.


After leaving Neverland, Paris Jackson relocated with her family, including her grandmother Katherine Jackson, to a mansion in Calabasas, California. When she turned 19, she decided to move into Michael Jackson’s private studio on the family compound, where she transformed it into her own dorm-style bedroom.

The loss of a father is devastating, and for Paris, it carried even greater weight as she was expected to carry on her father’s legacy. Starting seventh grade, she opted to attend a private school, seeking acceptance from older students. However, the experience was far from perfect, and she admitted to making poor choices and not being a particularly pleasant person at that time.

Around the same period, Paris became a target of cyberbullying, a consequence of the rise of social media. She highlighted the limitations of the concept of free speech in the context of social media, as it led to misogynistic, racist, and cruel behavior. These experiences took a toll on her mental health, leading to a serious incident where she attempted to take her own life. However, this marked a turning point in her life.


Paris spent her sophomore and half of her junior year at a therapeutic school in Utah, which proved beneficial for her well-being. She emerged from this experience as a completely transformed person. Prior to seeking help, she felt overwhelmed by her depression, anxiety, and adolescent struggles without any support.

Paris Jackson graduated from high school in 2015, a year ahead of schedule. By this point, she carried the weight of her father’s billion-dollar heritage and the expectations associated with being the child of an immensely famous individual. Nonetheless, she firmly believed in her father’s advice, embracing the notion that success must be earned through hard work. In an interview with Naomi Campbell, Paris expressed her commitment to forging her own path and earning her own accomplishments.


Paris’s upbringing involved being surrounded by adults, apart from her siblings. Transitioning to a traditional school environment posed a significant change for her. While she grew up as Michael Jackson’s child, she understood that the world extended far beyond that realm. Initially, it proved to be a challenging adjustment.

Paris candidly revealed her shock at the real world, describing it as scary due to its sexism, misogyny, racism, and cruelty. Nonetheless, she chose to forge her own path, starting her journey as a model. Her modeling career has flourished, and she possesses a genuine talent for it.

In recent years, Paris has graced the covers of influential magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Narcisse, among others. Modeling serves as a therapeutic and natural outlet for her, enabling her to temporarily forget her self-esteem issues and feel beautiful. She acknowledges the impact of social media and cyberbullying and empathizes with her father’s decision to undergo various physical transformations as a response to the pressures of public scrutiny.


On her Instagram page, Paris shares glimpses of her life, showcasing her enjoyment of simple experiences and spending time with friends. These are the ordinary aspects of life she was unable to fully experience during her earlier years.

In 2020, Paris released her debut album, “Wilted,” following in her father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry. However, she carved her own path by embracing indie-folk music instead of her father’s R&B and pop sound. The album delves into themes of heartbreak and post-relationship emotions. While her father’s taste in music inevitably influenced her, Paris developed her unique sound.

Paris Jackson has paid tribute to her father through more than 50 tattoos, with nine specifically dedicated to Michael Jackson. She acknowledges that time does not heal the pain of loss, but she has learned to live with the tragic absence of her father. She feels his presence with her always, even recalling moments when he visits her in her dreams.

Losing a parent is a challenging experience that many can empathize with, but Paris’s unique upbringing sets her apart from others. She has found her own path, free from the constant presence of paparazzi. Paris Jackson’s resilience and determination to lead her own life deserve admiration. Feel free to share this article with friends and family who also appreciate Paris Jackson’s bravery.

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