Pat Boone Criticizes Modern Hollywood: ‘The Disturbing Upside-Down State’

Pat Boone, a Hollywood icon with an extensive and remarkable career, garnered significant attention when he criticized the current state of the entertainment industry. Rising to fame as a squeaky clean teen idol in the ’50s and ’60s, Boone experienced the highs and lows of showbiz firsthand. While he had previously expressed his Christian values openly, his recent remarks on modern Hollywood took a surprisingly abrasive tone.

Boone voiced his concerns while promoting his faith-based film, “The Mulligan,” which emphasizes the importance of forgiveness. In an interview with Fox News, he admitted that it now takes a lot to impress him when it comes to taking on new roles. Having enjoyed a successful career spanning decades in both music and movies, Boone lamented the absence of moral values in today’s film industry.

He explained, “For many years, the film industry was a great ambassador for America. It showcased our nation in its best light. Though acknowledging the presence of crime—since unfortunate events occur in life—most American movies concluded with good triumphing over evil, with virtuous individuals doing righteous deeds. Criminals were always brought to justice.”

“However,” the veteran entertainer continued, “the entire paradigm has been upended. Some of the biggest films today portray individuals getting away with heinous acts. Lawbreakers are even glorified, with criminals assuming larger-than-life roles. The heroes themselves engage in more despicable behavior than the criminals, and they are rewarded for it. Immorality has engulfed the movies, rendering them devoid of meaning.”

Boone’s critique extended beyond films to include television and streaming services. He specifically called out Netflix for its animated series “Big Mouth,” which humorously tackles the subject of puberty. “In this show,” Boone remarked, “a socially awkward youngster and his friends are exposed to topics like masturbation, oral sex, and other explicit matters. And it’s available on Netflix. I can’t fathom how they can defend it, but it’s out there for all to see. Parents might mistakenly assume that it’s harmless since it’s an animated show… It’s truly disheartening.”

The accomplished musician did not mince words, asserting that the Hollywood we once knew is driving itself towards ruin. “This problem isn’t limited to streaming services,” Boone emphasized. “Even on television, profanity has become commonplace. Nothing short of actual pornography is celebrated on the small screen. I struggle to find strong enough words to express my dismay, but I genuinely believe that the film industry is self-destructing.”

Boone also weighed in on the detrimental impact of this cultural shift on the image of America. “Our nation’s reputation is being eroded,” he declared. “These days, high ratings take precedence. In the past, we strived to present our best selves to the world. Granted, one can criticize those movies now and deem them unrealistic, but our intentions were noble. We aimed to portray people in a positive light. Now, we revel in profit while showcasing people in their worst possible form and celebrating it.”

Many may be unaware that Pat Boone, guided by his Christian values, declined an opportunity to star alongside Marilyn Monroe in a film. “I would have loved to work with Marilyn Monroe,” he clarified. “We were both contracted to 20th Century Fox at the time. However, I deemed the storyline immoral, as it depicted a younger man engaging in a romantic affair with an aging cabaret performer played by Marilyn Monroe, who was still stunningly beautiful.”

Boone explained that, despite his admiration for the iconic actress, he carefully considered how the film’s narrative might impact his teenage fans. “I must follow my conscience,” Boone affirmed. “I have millions of young fans. While I would have relished the chance to act alongside Marilyn Monroe, I cannot participate in an immoral tale. Teenagers could easily misinterpret the message and think it’s acceptable to engage in illicit affairs.”

Pat Boone’s perspective on modern Hollywood is shared by numerous frustrated Americans who long for entertainment that aligns with their cherished values. Some may argue that times have changed, dismissing such traditional viewpoints. Nonetheless, many Americans still appreciate entertainers who uphold the very ideals they were raised with.

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