Pat Boone Criticizes Modern Hollywood: ‘The Whole Thing Is Upside Down

Pat Boone, renowned for his epic and enduring career in Hollywood, captured the attention of the masses when he vehemently criticized the current state of the entertainment industry. In the 1950s and 1960s, Boone established himself as a wholesome teen idol, leaving an indelible mark on the silver screen. Throughout his illustrious journey, he has experienced the heights and depths inherent in the showbiz lifestyle. While Boone has previously been outspoken about his Christian values, his recent remarks about modern Hollywood took even his most ardent followers by surprise.

During his promotional activities for the faith-based film “The Mulligan,” which revolves around the theme of forgiveness, Boone expressed his discerning standards when it comes to accepting new roles. As reported by Fox News, he lamented the absence of moral values in today’s film industry, drawing attention to the declining influence of American cinema as a positive global export. In the past, American movies consistently showcased the triumph of good over evil, often ending with justice prevailing and criminals facing consequences.

However, according to the veteran entertainer, the current landscape is entirely different. He decried the fact that some of the biggest films glorify lawbreakers and depict protagonists engaging in reprehensible acts, which are then rewarded rather than condemned. Boone perceived a moral decline and loss of meaning in contemporary movies, labeling them as immoral. His criticisms extended beyond the silver screen and encompassed Netflix, specifically citing the animated puberty comedy series “Big Mouth.” Boone expressed disbelief that such explicit content, including references to masturbation and oral sex, could be defended as suitable for viewing by young audiences.

Boone’s concerns extended to television as well, decrying the increasing prevalence of profanity and the celebration of explicit content. He went as far as to claim that the film industry, as it currently stands, is essentially self-destructing. Moreover, he argued that this deterioration not only undermines the entertainment industry but also tarnishes America’s image on the global stage. In the past, the aim was to present a positive image of the country, but nowadays, high ratings and profitability have taken precedence over altruistic intentions.

Interestingly, few may be aware that Boone once declined a film opportunity alongside the legendary Marilyn Monroe due to his Christian values. Despite his admiration for Monroe and their shared contract at 20th Century Fox, Boone turned down the role because he believed the storyline to be immoral. Considering his millions of teenage fans, he felt compelled to prioritize his conscience, fearing that the film would send the wrong message about engaging in illicit affairs.

Pat Boone’s sentiments about modern Hollywood are not unique; they resonate with the frustrations felt by many Americans. While some may dismiss these values as relics of a bygone era, a significant portion of the population still appreciates entertainers who uphold the principles they were raised with. The enduring appeal of celebrities like Boone lies in their unwavering commitment to embodying those cherished ideals.

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