Persistent Tiny Puppy Chases After Cops, Urgently Seeking Help

The life of a police officer is full of unexpected moments. In October 2019, Officers Mercado and Tavera from the LAPD Hollywood division experienced one such surprise while on patrol. They found themselves being pursued, but to their relief, it was not a threat but a small, chocolate-colored puppy.


This adorable pup, seemingly abandoned, started chasing after the officers on Hobart Boulevard, as if instinctively knowing they could provide help. Determined to stick by their side until action was taken, the puppy caught Mercado and Tavera’s attention. They made the compassionate decision to scoop him up and bring him to the police station.

Once in a safe place, they named him “Hobart” after the very street they discovered him on. Given the unusual sight of such a young puppy wandering alone, the officers initially explored the possibility of him being a lost pet. They needed to determine if there was an owner searching for him or if he had sadly been abandoned.


Curiosity grew among the community as they wondered who would ultimately provide a home for the puppy. Although the LAPD initially took him to a rehoming shelter, much to everyone’s delight, Officer Mercado couldn’t resist his bond with Hobart and decided to adopt him for himself.

But the story doesn’t end there! The shelter graciously shared an eagerly-awaited update on Hobart (also known as “Fidzgit”) and showcased how much the sweet pup has grown. According to his proud dad, Hobart is an affectionate and spirited puppy who adores his puppy cousins and happily spends hours chewing on his toys. While he’s still in the process of learning potty training, he thoroughly enjoys outdoor playtime in the grass.


Look at that joyous little face and those endearing giant ears! Hobart and his owner spend their days cuddling together, clearly displaying the profound gratitude Hobart holds for the officer who saved him from a life on the streets. Given his connection to law enforcement, many people suggested that Hobart could join the K-9 unit to spend more time with his loving owner. However, due to his small size, that career path isn’t possible.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that Hobart is blissfully content with his current circumstances, cherishing the love and care he receives.

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