Phillip Schofield Confesses to a Forbidden Affair with a ‘Younger Male Colleague

Phillip Schofield has openly acknowledged being involved in a relationship with a “younger male colleague at This Morning,” which he acknowledges was “unwise but not illegal.” In an exclusive statement provided to the Daily Mail, Schofield, who recently stepped down from This Morning, expressed his remorse for deceiving both the media outlet and others by concealing his relationship.

He stated, “I deeply apologize for misleading the Daily Mail, to whom I have personally expressed regret, and also for misleading my lawyer regarding a story they intended to publish about me a few days ago.” Schofield continued, “First and foremost, I want to express my sincere regret for having lied about a relationship I had with an individual working on This Morning.”

Schofield admitted to engaging in an on-off relationship with a younger male colleague at This Morning. Contrary to speculations, their acquaintance began when the individual was a teenager and sought Schofield’s assistance in pursuing a career in television. However, it was only after the individual joined the show that their relationship developed beyond friendship.

He acknowledged that the relationship was unwise but emphasized that it was not illegal. Schofield added, “The relationship has now ended.”

Regarding his decision to come out, Schofield clarified that it was a personal choice made for his own well-being and that no one forced him to do so. He denied the existence of any injunctions or actions taken against his colleague and emphasized that the individual was not dismissed or relocated due to their relationship.

Schofield stated, “To protect my former colleague’s privacy, I have not been truthful about the relationship. However, recent speculation and inquiries surrounding my departure from This Morning have put a strain on him. For his sake, it is crucial for me to be honest now.”

Expressing his remorse, Schofield acknowledged the lies he had told his employers at ITV, his colleagues, friends, agents, the media, the public, and most importantly, his family. He also admitted to being unfaithful to his wife.

Consequently, Schofield made the decision to step down from the British Soap Awards, his last public commitment, and immediately resign from ITV. He expressed gratitude to the network for the remarkable opportunities provided to him and vowed to reflect on his poor judgment in engaging in the relationship and subsequently lying about it.

Schofield emphasized the need to protect his colleague’s privacy by refraining from disclosing their identity. His deepest wish is for both the individual and their family to be able to move forward with their lives without further intrusion. He requested that the media respect their privacy, as they have done nothing wrong.

The release of this exclusive statement to the Daily Mail followed the news of Schofield’s management team, YMU, announcing their separation from the TV personality. YMU stated, “We have recently learned significant new information about our client, Phillip Schofield. These facts contradicted the information Phillip had previously shared with YMU and the external advisors we had engaged to support him. As a result, we mutually agreed to part ways with Phillip, effective immediately.”

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