Photographer Surprises Mom with Request to Turn Around After Posing with Giant Belly

Having a child is a monumental milestone in life.

Jazzy and Rich eagerly anticipated the arrival of their second child, cherishing the opportunity to bond with the tiny soul growing within Jazzy’s womb.

Prior to the joyous occasion of childbirth, the couple decided to capture the essence of this extraordinary journey through a beautiful pregnancy photoshoot, intending to create lasting memories for themselves and future generations.

They envisioned these photographs as a cherished legacy, a glimpse into a truly blissful period of their lives.

However, the photoshoot did not unfold exactly as Jazzy had envisioned.

In preparation for the session, Jazzy carefully selected a delightful pink dress that she wished to wear. Her young daughter, Reign, adorned herself in a matching outfit, enhancing the harmonious theme. Jazzy also had her makeup expertly done before the shoot, adding a touch of elegance to the occasion.

Anxiety loomed over both Jazzy and Rich in the days leading up to the shoot, their concerns primarily centered around unfavorable weather conditions. Heavy rainfall had dampened their hopes, threatening to thwart their plans. Yet, when the appointed day arrived, the heavens relented, parting the clouds to allow the radiant sun to shine through.

As a family of three, they ventured to the picturesque location they had carefully chosen—a serene setting embellished by a cascading waterfall serving as a breathtaking backdrop.

Little did Jazzy know that this would be more than a routine photoshoot; Rich had orchestrated something entirely unexpected.

The photographer began by capturing the customary moments of the couple and their daughter, freezing snippets of their love and happiness. Suddenly, the photographer paused, requesting Jazzy’s patience for a brief interlude before proceeding to the next snapshot.

Simultaneously, Rich stood poised behind her, his hand delving into his pocket, retrieving a small velvet box that had been concealed with care. Then, with heartfelt determination, he gracefully lowered himself onto one knee.

The ensuing video will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings, capturing Jazzy’s genuine reaction—an emotional surge that may necessitate a box of tissues by your side.

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