Pit Bull Rushes to the Aid of a Screaming Child, Unveiling a Startling Revelation for the Owner

Dogs should not be labeled as inherently bad; rather, it is the responsibility of owners to properly train and guide their furry companions towards good behavior. Mistreatment of dogs can lead to aggression, but it is important to remember that the dog is not at fault.


Among various dog breeds, Pit Bulls have unfortunately gained a reputation for being vicious. However, this negative perception is a consequence of human mistreatment. Pit Bulls have often been exploited in dog fights, which has led to the association of aggression with the breed. Nevertheless, a Pit Bull’s actions in a recent story prove this common belief to be entirely inaccurate, as it stepped in to save a young boy’s life.

The account was shared by Stacie Rae English, the sister of Hurley’s owner named Shelby. Writing for Love what Matters, Stacie recounted that Shelby was walking Hurley around 10 pm when he decided to let him off the leash so that he could run around freely. Suddenly, they heard a young boy screaming, prompting Hurley to instinctively rush towards the sound. Shelby followed closely behind.

To their astonishment, they witnessed Hurley seize a copperhead snake away from the little boy and toss it around, eventually killing it. The boy quickly sought refuge in his mother’s vehicle, which sped away so swiftly that Shelby couldn’t gather any information about him. It is presumed that the boy might have been bitten and was being hurried to the emergency room. Shelby immediately contacted animal control, and the local police arrived at the scene to assess the situation.

The officers examined Hurley to determine if he had been bitten. To Shelby’s surprise, the dog exhibited signs of bleeding, a swollen neck, and foaming at the mouth. Upon closer inspection, they discovered two puncture wounds on his upper lip. Shelby urgently rushed Hurley to the Denton Animal Emergency Hospital, where he remained overnight for multiple blood clotting tests.


Fortunately, Hurley was eventually released and is now in good health, although his face remains swollen. It was later discovered that the little boy had stumbled upon a nest of copperhead snakes, and Hurley’s heroic intervention likely prevented the boy from being bitten, or at least from suffering multiple bites. Efforts are still ongoing to identify the boy and ensure his well-being. Hurley, the Pit Bull, emerges as a true hero in this incident, and his story deserves to be shared widely to challenge the prejudices against his breed.

We are relieved that both Hurley and the boy he saved emerged unharmed from the incident. Please help spread this article on Facebook to share the heartwarming story of this courageous Pit Bull.

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