Pizza Delivery Woman Uncovers a Startling Surprise as She Arrives at Dilapidated Trailer

Sometimes, there are individuals who enter our lives, and their true significance only becomes apparent to us much later.

One such person was Angela Nguyen for a man named Lee Haase.

Angela worked at Domino’s, tirelessly delivering countless pizzas throughout the years. Among her regular customers was Lee.

Like clockwork, every Saturday, Lee would order pizza, and it was Angela who always delivered it.

But then, one Saturday, the orders abruptly ceased.

Angela grew concerned and decided to pay a visit to Lee’s house to uncover the reason behind his absence. Upon arrival, she was immediately confronted by the sight of devastation. A powerful storm had ruthlessly torn off most of the roof from Lee’s home.

In the aftermath of the storm, Lee found himself unable to afford the necessary repairs for his house. To compound his misfortune, his son had tragically lost his life in a snowmobile accident during that same period.

Overwhelmed by despair and financial hardship, Lee was forced to relocate to a modest trailer.

Angela’s daughter, Sarah, who also worked as a pizza delivery person, discovered where Lee had settled. Sarah conveyed the severity of Lee’s situation to her mother.

Lee’s trailer lacked basic amenities such as heating, water, sewage, and electricity. Angela’s heart immediately went out to him. However, instead of merely sympathizing, she resolved to take action.

“I felt compelled to do something. We cannot allow a fellow human being to endure such conditions,” Angela expressed.

It all began with a simple act of kindness. Angela purchased a heater for Lee’s trailer, marking the initial step in making his life a little more bearable. Subsequently, she launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about Lee’s heartbreaking circumstances.

As word spread, the donations poured in, stemming from the compassion and generosity of both local community members and complete strangers. Within a mere two months, the campaign had amassed an astounding $32,360. This sum proved sufficient to purchase a brand new mobile home for Lee.


Angela acknowledges that she couldn’t have accomplished this feat without the support and assistance of the local community and numerous benevolent individuals.

“This endeavor was a collective effort, and each one of us found joy in participating. It wasn’t solely for Lee’s benefit. We all derived something positive from it,” Angela affirmed.

Angela arrived in Lee’s life precisely when he needed her most, and her compassionate nature proved to be the catalyst he required.

She paved the way for Lee to regain his footing, an act for which he will forever be grateful. In a world where conflict, natural disasters, and other harrowing events are distressingly commonplace, stories like these provide a glimmer of hope.

They serve as a reminder of the inherent goodness within us all, urging us to recognize it and employ our resources to aid those in need.

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