Playful Horse Breaks Free from Pen to Visit Dementia Unit, Where Patients Delight in Feeding Him Carrots

Introducing Panda, a lively horse who finds joy in paying visits to a local dementia care facility.

Maija Vance, the owner of Panda, recounts how this mischievous palomino paint has managed to escape from her stable multiple times, finding her way to the dementia ward. Each time, Vance had to ride Panda back home and apologize for her escapades.

But what draws Panda back to the dementia unit time and again? It turns out that Vance had previously taken Panda there to bring some joy to the patients. The visit was a tremendous success, with the patients absolutely adoring the opportunity to feed Panda carrots. Panda relished the attention and now makes attempts to return to the unit whenever possible! Vance shared the viral TikTok video above, showcasing their heartwarming connection. Perhaps the memory of those delectable carrots lures Panda back, but Vance believes that Panda may possess a natural inclination towards being a therapy horse rather than a riding horse.

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