Police Officer Secretly Records 3 Men Assisting 100-Year-Old Elderly Couple

Young Men’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral, Inspiring Others to Follow Suit

Three young men restore faith in the youth as they rush to assist an elderly couple struggling to get back into their car at a gas station. The heartwarming incident, captured on video by a police officer, is now spreading like wildfire across social media, serving as an inspiration for millions.

Rose and David Griest, both over 100 years old, had stopped at a gas station in Williston, Florida, during their journey to Orlando for Rose’s medical treatment. However, due to Rose’s uncontrollable shaking and frailty, they found themselves unable to reenter their SUV.

Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddie G, local rappers who happened to be at the gas station, immediately noticed the elderly couple’s predicament and sprang into action. With compassion and care, they securely placed Rose inside the vehicle and assisted David with his walker, ensuring both were safely seated.

Coincidentally, Police Officer Kanesha Carnegie from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office happened to be passing by the parking lot. Rather than intervening herself, she decided to capture the heartwarming scene on video, believing it would serve as an inspiration for others to extend kindness in similar situations.

Carnegie, already familiar with the young men from the neighborhood, expressed her belief in their inherent goodness, stating, “I KNOW THESE MEN FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD, AND I WANTED THEM TO HAVE THAT MOMENT TO SHOW WHO THEY REALLY ARE.”


The video, subsequently shared on Facebook, quickly gained immense popularity, garnering approximately 5 million views. Viewers praised Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddie G for their selfless act, affirming their awesomeness.

Though Rose and David don’t use social media themselves, their grandson, Tommy, joyfully showed them the video, allowing them to witness the heartwarming scene.

Expressing gratitude, David thanked the young men for their assistance and extended his well wishes. In turn, the boys marveled at the couple’s ability to travel at such an advanced age.

With the video’s widespread reach and the young men’s admirable deed, there is hope that their act of kindness will serve as an example to inspire other young individuals to exhibit compassion whenever the opportunity arises.

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