Prepare for an Emotional Journey as You Discover the Miraculous Tale of Little Parker

Regardless of your beliefs in miracles, the story of Parker Grelecki from Georgia serves as a remarkable example that could very well be true. Parker’s journey, as described by his father, embodies unconditional love.

Born in 2008 in Georgia, Parker faced the challenges of hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the brain. For Parker, this meant that his brain accounted for only five percent of his skull’s volume, compared to the typical 90 to 95 percent found in healthy infants.

Hospital staff cautioned his parents to prepare for the worst, but it soon became evident that their little boy possessed an unwavering spirit. While most parents express the sentiment, “We don’t care if it’s a boy or girl, all we want is for the baby to be healthy,” not all are fortunate enough to raise a child without health complications, as was the case for Crysie and Ryan Grelecki from Marietta, Georgia.

Their joy upon learning of Crysie’s pregnancy in 2008 turned into devastation during one of the early ultrasounds when the nurse noticed that their unborn son, Parker, had an unusually large head. Further examination revealed a blockage between the third and fourth ventricles of Parker’s brain, hindering the drainage of spinal fluid. Consequently, fluid accumulated, exerting pressure on Parker’s brain against his skull. This condition affects approximately two out of every 1,000 births in the United States.

Receiving news of their baby’s abnormality left Crysie and Ryan shocked and concerned. However, they exemplified the behavior of exemplary parents by standing unwaveringly by their unborn child, offering unconditional support. Crysie shared on her Facebook how, throughout her pregnancy, when her thoughts spiraled into fear and uncertainty, she found solace in a song with lyrics that filled her with peace, emphasizing that God would make a way even in seemingly impossible circumstances.

Typically, a newborn baby’s cranial cavity consists of 90-95% brain matter and 5-10% fluid. However, when Parker was born in September 2008, he had over 98% fluid and only 8 millimeters of brain matter. Delivered via C-section at 39 weeks, Parker’s entrance into the world was tumultuous, and his future appeared uncertain. Nonetheless, his parents provided unwavering love and support for their precious baby boy.

Ryan expressed his devotion, stating, “I was by his side the whole time—talking to him, praying over him, holding his hand, rubbing his head. That unconditional love just rushes over you, and here is this helpless baby that’s been entrusted to me, and I can’t do anything for him.”

When Parker was just two days old, medical experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta began draining the excess fluid from his skull, alleviating the pressure and allowing his brain to grow naturally. Subsequently, he underwent a series of operations, including craniofacial surgeries to correct his skull malformation. The challenges ahead were daunting.

“Our goal was to re-expand the skull, separate the fused bones, and create space for his brain to grow normally,” recalled Dr. Joseph Williams, Chief of Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery at the hospital.

After two weeks, Parker was deemed fit to go home, and four weeks later, he began physical therapy. By the time he reached 20 months of age, Parker had successfully undergone seven surgeries, astounding everyone with his remarkable recovery. Although it took him some time to sit up and hold his head steady, he eventually triumphed.

Parker bypassed the typical crawling stage and started walking immediately. His parents credit the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, whose staff became like an extended family, for their unwavering support. Parker’s miraculous recovery is one of many remarkable success stories associated with the hospital’s renowned rehabilitation program.

In addition to official therapy, Parker engaged in various activities to aid his muscle development, including playing tennis and taking swimming lessons alongside his siblings. Today, with glasses adorning his head full of golden hair, Parker is nearly unrecognizable from the day he was born. Observing this remarkable young boy now, one would never guess that he had defied the expectations of medical experts. According to UGA Miracle, Parker excels academically and possesses an engaging personality that charms those around him.


Although born with less than 2% brain matter, Parker Grelecki stands as a living miracle. His parents, Ryan and Crysie, express immeasurable gratitude for being Parker’s parents and witnessing his progress as he fulfills the plans laid out for him by the divine. Crysie affectionately describes him as a “chatterbox” and a loving child, and it is evident that he is surrounded by an abundance of love not only from his biological family but also from his hospital family.

Parker’s siblings, Chase and Emily, have been incredible sources of support. Growing up with a brother with special needs has instilled in them a deep sense of advocacy for those who may not receive the respect they deserve.

Ryan and Crysie acknowledge the profound realization that having two children born without complications is, indeed, a genuine miracle. Parker’s story has brought about a family imbued with miracles.

In September 2022, Parker celebrated his 14th birthday. Despite enduring trials most individuals will never encounter in their lifetime, he has a bright future ahead. For a long time, Parker has aspired to become a sports commentator, utilizing his brain, composed of three pounds of fluid and less than 2% brain matter, to remember an extensive array of sports knowledge. Parker has already tried his dream job on several occasions, proving himself a natural talent.

He even assists as an announcer for his local high school football team, captivating the audience with his enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, Parker faces challenges directly related to his brain damage, but considering his remarkable achievements, he is an inspiring individual and a true hero. Anyone would be proud to possess even half of his gregarious and charismatic personality. He embodies sweetness and charm, making him an extraordinary young boy.

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