Rare Set of Identical Twins with Down Syndrome Born to Florida Mother

Identical twins are an incredible phenomenon in and of themselves. Such births occur only three or four times in every 1000 instances.

Savannah Combs, a first-time mother, received the joyous news that she was carrying twins. The thought of welcoming two babies filled her and her husband with immense happiness.

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Throughout the pregnancy, everything progressed smoothly, and the couple discovered that they were expecting two girls. However, they also learned that their identical twins both had Down Syndrome. Initially, this news came as a shock, but Savannah, 23, soon realized that this condition only meant her girls would be exceptionally unique. She didn’t mind that they would be born with the syndrome. While she understood that there might be people who wouldn’t readily accept her bundles of joy, she wasn’t overly concerned. “It’s an uncommon condition they have, but they are my little gems,” the proud mother shared with News4JAX.

After the girls were born, Savannah and her husband, Justin, decided to document their journey on TikTok. The two adorable darlings, named Kennadi Rue and Mckenli, quickly gained a substantial following on social media, where Savannah shared updates on their milestones.

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In one of the TikTok videos, Savannah revealed that doctors had advised her to terminate her pregnancy due to the slim chances of the girls’ survival. However, she chose to give them a fighting chance, a decision that ultimately proved to be the right one. “Every prenatal appointment where they were still alive was a blessing to me,” Savannah explained.

Being born five weeks premature, the girls had to spend some time in the NICU. Today, they are thriving nine-month-old babies, just like any other child out there.

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“These are called mono-di twins, which means they had their own sacs but shared the same placenta, making them identical,” Savannah explained. “Mo-di twins are already incredibly rare. Adding Down Syndrome on top of it makes it a one-in-two-million occurrence. But they have emotions. They have beating hearts. They know how to communicate. They can accomplish what others do. They may take a little longer, but they will get there. I’ve learned that these children are spirited and happy little beings.”

Savannah loves showcasing to the world that having Down Syndrome doesn’t negatively impact the lives of individuals who have it in any way.

“I want people to know that they are just like us and that they can achieve anything as long as they set their minds to it.” Of course, there will always be those who post negative comments and judge Savannah for choosing to keep her babies.

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Under one of the videos, one person wrote, “I wouldn’t want those babies. If mine were born like that, I would immediately put them up for adoption.” However, this mother had the perfect response for the insensitive remark. “Luckily, they weren’t born to you but to me. God knew what he was doing by giving these babies to the right parents who would love them unconditionally,” Savannah eloquently replied.

These girls are truly fortunate to have a mother like Savannah, who strives to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and teach the world that individuals with the condition can lead happy and fulfilling lives, just like her two beautiful angels.

To learn more about this heartwarming family’s inspiring journey, please watch the video below.

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