Rescued from Obscurity: The Masterful Painting of Jesus by an 8-Year-Old

Akiane Kramarik, the renowned artist, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, had her masterpiece “Prince of Peace” resurrected from obscurity after 16 years of being stolen, mistakenly sold, and locked away in darkness. At the young age of 8, she painted this ethereal image of Jesus, inspired by a recurring visionary inspiration that led her to create a profound role model for humanity.

By the age of 9, Akiane appeared on the Oprah Show, where her art, dwarfing her tiny frame, included an inspired portrait of Jesus, “Prince of Peace,” crafted with her uniquely deliberate strokes. When Oprah asked about her exceptional talent, Akiane confidently attributed it to God.

Despite growing up in a non-religious family in a small town in Idaho, Akiane’s spiritual awakening began simultaneously with her artistic journey. Her mother, Forelli Kramarik, confirmed that Akiane’s conversations about God’s love and presence were not influenced from outside the home, as the family spent ample time together, and religious discussions were absent.

The “Prince of Peace” portrait was a result of a vision Akiane had since she was a preschooler, which she initially expressed through poetry and writings before realizing that it could only be adequately conveyed through painting. Searching for a suitable model for Jesus, the young artist and her family prayed, and a tall carpenter-like figure, also a carpenter, appeared at their doorstep. He became the model for the now priceless “Prince of Peace.”

The painting went through various challenges, being stolen, sold mistakenly, and even lost in a lengthy court battle. However, Akiane’s relentless spirit and extraordinary talents pulled her family out of poverty as she continued to create masterpieces, receiving global acclaim.

While traveling to over 30 countries, counseling diverse groups of people about art and sharing her message of peace and spirituality, Akiane kept the memory of “Prince of Peace” alive by selling more than 100,000 prints. In a miraculous turn of events in 2019, the painting was purchased for $850,000 by an anonymous family known for being distinguished and esteemed. They consider themselves stewards of the original, dedicated to preserving the masterpiece for future generations to touch countless lives with its story.

After almost two decades, Akiane was finally reunited with her cherished “Prince of Peace.” Overwhelmed with emotions, she knelt down and wiped tears from her cheeks as she gazed at her magnificent work. In an interview with CBS, she expressed her awe and gratitude, acknowledging the power of love that always shows up at the right time for those who need it most.

“Akiane: The Early Years,” an exhibition featuring the world-famous painting “Prince of Peace,” is now on display at the Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, TX, commemorating the extraordinary journey of this gifted and spiritually awakened artist.

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