Revisiting the Shelter 11 Times: The Heartbreaking Revelation Behind an Adopted Dog’s Returns

At shelters, individuals encounter a wide variety of animals and listen to numerous accounts explaining why owners choose to surrender their pets. However, these stories are not always taken at face value, as shelter workers are aware that there is often more to the owners’ explanations. The reality is that many animals find themselves in shelters, awaiting the arrival of the perfect family.

© Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

During the autumn of 2014, Gumby, a captivating and affectionate dog, was brought to a shelter in Charleston, South Carolina. The shelter staff immediately recognized that it would take some time for Gumby to find a forever home due to his playful and lovable nature. And indeed, their intuition proved correct. Within a few days of his arrival, someone expressed interest in adopting Gumby. Unfortunately, just three days later, they returned him.

Remarkably, this scenario repeated itself ten times, with Gumby returning to the shelter on two occasions without any human intervention. This puzzle perplexed those working at the shelter until they uncovered the reason behind Gumby’s reluctance to leave. He considered the shelter to be his home and believed that he was essential there. This belief turned out to be true. Whenever a new dog entered the shelter, Gumby was there to warmly greet them, offering immense empathy and doing everything in his power to help them settle in, given that they often arrived distressed.

© Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

Gumby became an indispensable figure not only for the shelter but also for the entire community. He even featured in an annual local firemen calendar, contributing to charitable fundraising efforts. Additionally, it was discovered that Gumby had a blood type compatible with both dogs and cats, making him a regular blood donor. His presence in our lives reminds us of the importance of having someone as lovely and fascinating as Gumby.

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