Rod Stewart Delights Fans in Spain as He Brings Baby Grandsons On Stage; Their Adorable Reaction: ‘Too Bright and Loud!’

Over the weekend, Rod Stewart experienced a heartwarming moment during his performance in Spain. The 78-year-old singer took a break from his show to share the stage with his adorable baby grandsons, Louie and Otis, for the very first time.

Joining the two youngest grandkids were their mothers, Ruby Stewart and Nicole Artukovich. Ruby, aged 35, is engaged to Rod’s son Liam Stewart, 28, and they welcomed their son Otis on May 9. On the other hand, Liam and fiancée Nicole had their son Louie just three days later on May 12. These charming boys mark the first children for both couples.

Ruby later shared an endearing moment on her Instagram Story, where Otis could be seen wearing noise-canceling headphones while covering his face. She playfully captioned the picture: “Grandad’s production was a little too bright and loud for my liking.”

Rod also took to his own Instagram Story the next day, posting another heartwarming picture. The snapshot captured him sitting with his two youngest grandsons, Louie and Otis, lovingly cradling them in his arms as they sat on his legs.

“Louie on the right wing — Otis on the left wing — Grandad down the middle,” Stewart adorably captioned the post, showcasing the sweet bonding session with his grandsons.

Recently, Rod’s daughter Kimberly shared a rare photo of the large family, revealing Rod’s role as a father of eight children by five different mothers and now a grandfather of three, with the addition of Otis and Louie in May.

In the photo, Stewart is surrounded by most of his kids, including Kimberly, Sean, Ruby, Renee, Liam, Alastair, and Aiden, along with his wife Penny Lancaster. Unfortunately, two family members were absent: Rod’s first child, Sarah Streeter, whom he had put up for adoption but has since reconciled with, and his granddaughter Delilah, born to Kimberly and actor Benicio Del Toro in 2011.

Nevertheless, the picture offers a rare glimpse of Stewart’s loving and beautiful family, showcasing the special bond they all share.

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