Rod Stewart Embraces Miraculous Double Joy: Cradling Newborn Grandsons, Defying Past Heartbreak

Rod Stewart, the renowned singer-songwriter, has built an illustrious music career spanning several decades. Aside from his musical achievements, Rod also boasts a sizable family.

Having been married three times, Rod’s third wife, Penny Lancaster, recently disclosed details about their marriage, particularly regarding their journey to parenthood. Currently, Rod embraces the role of a grandparent as his son and daughter welcomed their first babies within days of each other.

Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster in Los Angeles, California on May 11, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

In an Instagram announcement, Rod’s son, Liam Stewart, joyfully shared the news of his child’s arrival on May 12, 2023. Liam proudly highlighted the diverse heritage of his baby, who possesses American, British, Croatian, and Kiwi roots. Introducing the world to little Louie Mark Roderick Stewart, Liam accompanied the announcement with an adorable snapshot. The photo featured the baby donning a Celtic jersey and a beanie, snuggled cozily in a white baby blanket.

Louie’s name pays homage to his grandfather Rod, whose full name is also Roderick. Alongside Liam’s announcement, a picture of a content Rod cradling his grandchild was shared. In the photo, Ruby, Rod’s daughter, lovingly leaned over her father’s shoulder, beaming at her newborn held in Rod’s hands. Smiling at the camera, Rod radiated happiness.


Ruby Stewart herself shared the delightful news of welcoming her first child, Otis Stewart Kalick, born on May 9, 2023, weighing 8 lbs and 8 oz. Alongside a heartwarming picture of her newborn resting peacefully on her lap, with her hand gently supporting his head, Ruby expressed the profound love she felt for her child. She captioned the photo with heartfelt words about the transformative impact of her baby’s arrival, heralding the beginning of their family.

In another photo, Ruby captured the joyous sight of a beaming Rod cradling his grandchild. Ruby’s hand rested on her father’s shoulder as they both admired the precious bundle. The sleeping baby, sporting a green and white beanie and wrapped in a light green baby blanket, appeared serene in his grandfather’s hands.

Rod Stewart holds Otis Stewart Kalick as Ruby Stewart looks on | Source:

Rod himself shared pictures on his Instagram, proudly showcasing his role as a grandfather. In one snapshot, he held Otis, while in another, he embraced Louie. Accompanying the images was the caption, “Happy Granddad.”

Rod’s joy as a grandfather is immeasurable, particularly after Penny Lancaster revealed their shared experience of two miscarriages while attempting to conceive. Ruby, Rod’s fourth child, joins the ranks of his eight children. She was born on June 17, 1987, to Rod and his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Emberg, a former model.

Upper-Rod Stewart holds Louie Mark Roderick Stewart, and Lower-Rod Stewart holds Otis Stewart Kalick | Source:

Following in her father’s footsteps, Ruby has carved out her own successful singing career. She was part of the country music duo “The Sisterhood,” which disbanded after releasing an album in 2021. Presently, Ruby pursues a solo career and occasionally performs alongside her father. In June 2022, the duo shared a video rendition of the 1998 hit song “Ooh La La.”

Aside from her musical endeavors, Ruby is a prominent model, having featured in campaigns for renowned brands such as “The Nashville Edit,” “Vogue Italia,” and “Glamour Italia.”

In January 2023, Ruby announced her pregnancy, culminating in the recent birth of her first child. Sharing a moving ultrasound image on Instagram, she expressed her anticipation and affectionately addressed her unborn baby boy.


In January 2023, Liam delightedly shared the news of his girlfriend Nicole Artukovich’s pregnancy, and they have now welcomed their first child into the world.

Accompanying their joyous announcement was an endearing video capturing their journey to parenthood. Liam captioned the video, “Mom + Dad | Baby Boy joins us in May 👶🏼.”

While Rod Stewart has a remarkable lineage of children, he also faced personal challenges during his quest to expand his family. Rod and his wife Penny encountered difficulties on their path to parenthood, enduring the heartbreak of two miscarriages before finding solace in the arrival of their two children.

Penny candidly disclosed this emotional journey during a conversation with the “Loose Women” panel. She revealed that following the miscarriages, she harbored fear when sharing the news of her pregnancies with Rod, fearing that raising his hopes would be too much of a burden. In her own words:

“…but then we had Alistair, that was all good…it was so many tests, three times and injections and running up down the hill, and you know that kind of the pregnancy went out the window at that point.”

Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster in Stamford Bridge, London on May 26, 2002 | Source: Getty Images

In their pursuit of building their family, Rod and Penny also explored the option of IVF, ultimately receiving the precious gift of two children. Their firstborn, Alastair Wallace Stewart, entered the world on November 27, 2005. Alastair shares a close bond with his father, as evidenced by their frequent appearances together in Instagram photos, capturing cherished moments between father and son.

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