Selfless 11-Year-Old Boy Returns Wallet Despite Family’s Financial Hardships, Receives Well-Deserved Reward

Have you ever come across something significant that belonged to someone else while going about your daily routine?

Maybe it was an abandoned walking cane left behind by an elderly person, or a set of misplaced keys lying on the ground?

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, a young boy demonstrated his remarkable integrity when he discovered a lost wallet and knew exactly what to do. On a sunny morning stroll with his father Lorenzo in Voyager Park, Vince Hietpas noticed a wallet resting on the ground.

Curiosity led him to pick it up and examine its contents in search of any identification belonging to the owner. To his relief, he found a driver’s license, and he realized that the person’s residence wasn’t far away. Given the beautiful Memorial Day morning and the fact that they were already out for a walk, Vince and his father decided to personally return the wallet to its rightful home.

They walked together to the address indicated on the driver’s license, and Vince rang the doorbell. The entire interaction was caught on the homeowner’s video recorded Ring doorbell. Meanwhile, the wallet’s owner, Chase Dahlke, had only recently discovered his loss. He had been fishing in Voyager Park earlier that morning when the wallet must have slipped out of his pocket. It wasn’t until he returned home that he realized it was missing.

Chase promptly informed his parents about the incident, and they assumed the boy would have no way of returning the wallet and would likely have to cancel all his cards. The family had plans to attend a Memorial Day barbecue at a neighbor’s house when Vince rang their doorbell.

Jason, Chase’s father, received a notification on his phone about the doorbell ring and was astounded to find young Vince standing on his porch, holding up the lost wallet. Jason hurriedly thanked the boy and, although he didn’t have any cash on him at the time, he gave Vince the remaining $2 found in the wallet as a token of gratitude. The boy graciously accepted the reward and resumed his day with his father.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Michelle, Chase’s stepmother, took to Facebook to share the story of the boy’s kindness and selflessness. She also created a GoFundMe page with the intention of raising a more substantial reward for Vince and his father. Through Facebook, Michelle learned that the Hietpas family had been facing financial hardship since Lorenzo lost his job due to the impact of Covid-19. To support their daily needs, Lorenzo had been taking up odd jobs that his health permitted.

Upon asking Vince what he truly desired as a reward, he simply expressed a need for socks. It became apparent that he and his father had been sharing socks during their financially challenging times. As word spread through the GoFundMe page, donations poured in, and over $10,000 has been raised to reward Vince and his family. With such a generous sum, Vince will undoubtedly be able to acquire an abundance of new socks.

To witness the heartwarming moment of Vince returning the lost wallet, you can view the Ring camera footage in the linked video below.

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