Senior Shelter Dog Comforts Himself by Tucking In for Sleep, Awaits Loving Family

The life of a senior Chihuahua took a heartbreaking turn when his owner passed away. Suddenly finding himself alone and seeking refuge in a homeless animal shelter, he resorted to finding solace under a blanket, where he would cry himself to sleep. With his owner no longer there to tuck him in at night, he took it upon himself to perform the task, pulling the blanket over his head before bedtime.

Despite the outward cuteness, his face bore the weight of fear and worry. The staff at the Humane Society of Branch County recognized his gentle and kind nature, but they had concerns about whether an older dog like him would garner much attention from potential adopters.

Jan Nageldinger, the shelter manager, expressed her thoughts, “Just went back to say goodnight and lock up. This is Scooter. He tucks himself in at night. I pray someone adopts this boy soon…” At one point, she even feared that Scooter might spend the remainder of his days at the shelter. However, the shelter decided to never turn away any animal, making space for him.

But everything changed when the shelter shared a photo of Scooter snugly tucked under his blanket. Suddenly, an outpouring of interest emerged, with countless people eager to provide him a loving home. Ultimately, Jessica Lynn Howard, who had previously adopted two other Chihuahuas from the shelter, was the fortunate individual who had the opportunity to bring this adorable doggy home.

“When I saw Jan’s Facebook post, along with the rest of the world,” Jessica recounted to The Dodo, “My husband Tim and I were lying in bed, and it… brought me to tears. Without hesitation, I showed Tim, and I said, ‘I have to go get him.'”

Scooter not only found a new home but also gained new playmates. Living on a farm with Jan and Tim, he joined their existing pack of five dogs. His days are now filled with joyous frolics in the vast outdoors, bringing him immense happiness.

And when it’s time to rest, Scooter enjoys an afternoon snooze on top of the blanket. Although his personality has transformed for the better, some things remain unchanged. Evidently, Scooter maintains a strong attachment to his familiar bedtime routine.

“When it’s bedtime… he still tucks himself in,” Jessica shared. “I’ve tried to tuck him in, but he would rather do it himself. He has to get the covers just right. It’s really cute watching him.”

The story of Scooter, a senior dog who touched the hearts of countless people through a single post, exemplifies the power to make a difference in the lives of other animals in need. Consider adoption or donation whenever possible, as it genuinely helps save lives.

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