Sensational Modeling Success: Albino Sisters, Born 12 Years Apart, Take the Industry by Storm

Despite being born more than a decade apart, these siblings share a remarkable bond. Both affected by albinism, a rare genetic disorder causing a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair, they possess a distinct and unique appearance. The rarity of having an albino child makes it even more extraordinary that a Kazakh couple welcomed not one, but two albino children with a 12-year age gap.


Allow us to introduce Asel and Kamila, these exceptionally distinctive siblings who have emerged as sought-after models. At 14 years old, Asel is the elder sister. Aiman Sarkitova, their mother, recalls her astonishment upon Asel’s birth, as genetic understanding was not as advanced at that time. She shares, “When I gave birth to my first child, genetic research was not as advanced. It is only developing now. The doctors were astounded.”

Imagine their astonishment when, a dozen years later, Kamila was born with the same condition. Witnessing the two siblings together is an awe-inspiring and striking sight, prompting them to join forces as a modeling duo.

Asel has been pursuing a modeling career since the age of 10, and with her 2-year-old sister by her side, her demand has soared even higher. Garnering over 33,000 followers on Instagram, the pair has achieved significant success. However, the path hasn’t always been smooth due to the challenges associated with albinism, such as heightened sensitivity to sunlight.

Asel shares her coping strategies, stating, “If I venture outdoors in the afternoon, I ensure to apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing, headgear, or use an umbrella. It’s much easier for me in the evening when the sun is less intense.” Despite the ups and downs they may face, they will always have each other for support.

Albinism is an extremely rare condition, often leaving affected individuals feeling isolated. Fortunately, these two sisters have the fortune of having a family member who shares their experience. With their success as models, they aim to shed light on albinism, highlighting the unique beauty of albino individuals.

As Asel rightly points out, “Many people are unaware of what albinos are.” Through their modeling journey, they hope to raise awareness and foster a better understanding of albinism, showcasing the extraordinary beauty that lies within.

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