Shocking Response from Former Supermodel as Critics Label Her “Desperate” for Posting Bikini Photos at 57

Aging is an inevitable part of life, yet not everyone embraces the reality of growing old and the changes in their appearance. Plastic surgery has become a popular choice for those seeking to halt this natural process.

However, Paulina Porizkova, a renowned Czech model who graced runways for many years, does not fall into that category. Despite being 57 years old, this stunningly beautiful lady chooses to candidly discuss the process of aging and refrains from opting for injectables. Paulina believes in embracing the passage of time, asserting that “faces are for communicating.” In an interview with People, she recalls a time when she felt like “an apple in a still life,” constantly being polished and placed to look pretty, which proved to be a bit frustrating.


Having been a part of the industry since the tender age of 13, Paulina acknowledges the blessings and successes she has received. She doesn’t take these opportunities for granted and recognizes the significance they hold in her life. Despite her gratitude, she also yearns for the chance to explore other aspects of her being. She believes that ageism is one aspect of the modeling industry that needs to change. While she once felt ashamed of the aging process, she now realizes that she has grown wiser, better, funnier, and more patient. As an individual, she feels that she is at her personal best.


In defiance of societal expectations, Paulina continues to pose in bikinis and proudly shares her photos on social media. She asserts her right to wear whatever makes her comfortable, regardless of her age. Although she occasionally faces mean comments, such as being labeled a “desperate grandma” or “too old,” she refuses to be dismissed based on her wrinkles, sags, and gray hair. She declares herself to be fabulous and insists that people should accept her as she is.

Rather than resorting to injectables and plastic surgery, Paulina explores various noninvasive treatments to maintain her appearance. She seeks subtle enhancements that work within the natural limitations of her age. Her goal is to remain an unaltered older woman, appreciating her face as a living testament to the history of her life.

Paulina serves as an inspiration to many. Her graceful acceptance of the aging process resonates with others, encouraging them to embrace their own journeys. Feel free to share this article with your family and friends on Facebook.

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