Step Inside and Be Amazed: 13-Year-Old Constructs His Own Mini-House in Backyard

Meet Luke Thill, a remarkable 13-year-old from Dubuque, Iowa, who stands out among his middle school peers. While most kids his age are engrossed in gadgets and technology, Luke chose a different path — he embarked on a journey to build his very own small house in his parents’ backyard.

His impressive project cost approximately $1,500 USD, and now he’s living his dream in his cozy cottage. Unlike many teenagers of his time, Luke’s desire to build a house grew out of feeling bored during the previous summer. With a determination that belies his age, Luke spent about a year acquiring the funds and materials needed for his ambitious undertaking.

To raise money, Luke mowed lawns, started an online fundraiser, and assisted neighbors with errands in exchange for cash. Even an electrician friend pitched in by helping him install electricity in return for Luke cleaning his garage. The young builder used around 75 percent recycled materials, including items left over from his grandma’s house, and even received a front door as a gift from his uncle’s friend.

The finished 89-square-foot house spans 10 feet in length and 5 1/2 feet in width. Although it has electricity, it lacks plumbing, so there’s no water or bathroom yet. Luke’s minimalist approach and desire to avoid a hefty mortgage were what guided his choices throughout the construction.

Luke documented his entire journey on his YouTube channel, which garnered attention and curiosity from many. His parents did offer some financial support and assistance during the building process, but they made sure that Luke took on the majority of the work and expenses himself. According to his father, Greg, it was an opportunity for Luke to do something beyond the typical teenage activities and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

The house has become a haven for Luke, equipped with modern amenities like a microwave, a TV, and a loft with a bed. He even has a barbecue and flowers in the backyard. Luke frequently does his homework in his new abode and occasionally spends the night there during the week.

Luke’s achievement doesn’t end here. He already envisions building another house, this time a bit larger, to use when he starts college. Moreover, he aspires to inspire other kids to pursue their dreams at a young age, proving that it’s possible to accomplish remarkable feats.

In conclusion, Luke Thill’s story exemplifies what a child can achieve with a clear goal, a strong work ethic, and the support of family. His little house stands as a testament to his determination and creativity. Watching his YouTube videos, one can’t help but be impressed by this remarkable young man’s accomplishments. Let’s share and appreciate Luke’s amazing little cottage, as it serves as a beacon of inspiration for all ages!

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